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Cultivating a garden means putting up with garden pests. One moment your vegetable patch is coming along nicely, and the next it’s been torn apart by slugs and snails. It’s as if they wait for you to finish before they start eating just to get on your nerves.

The problem is two-fold. Aside from wanting a perfect garden, there are millions of bugs in a small surface area. Therefore, pests frustrate you day and night. For many people, it’s a burden they’re happy to bear. However, it might be worth letting go.

These are the reasons why.

Borders Keep Big Pests Out

Unusually, worrying about garden pests is a rare occasion where you’re more bothered about the little things than the big ones. Of course, a thousand paper cuts will hurt. Still, if big animals get into your garden, they’ll cause irreversible destruction, forcing you to start over. At least by hiring a fence company to erect a border, you can have peace of mind that the damage will be minimal as you’ll only have to put up with insects. Compared to a racoon or skunk, they’re heaven!

Some Bugs Are Carnivores

It’s tempting to pigeon-hole insects are pests that feed on plants and flowers. Of course, the reality is that certain bugs are predators and eat the insects that cause chaos in your garden. By putting down poison or spraying your yard with natural insecticides, you discourage the likes of spiders, ladybugs, and Praying Mantids from making a home on your land. Once this happens, the pest population will skyrocket and your garden will be a free-for-all. Rather than letting aphids and caterpillars annoy, rest easy in the knowledge that toads, frogs, and birds are regulating the numbers. Always consider this when you plant seeds that are designed to keep pests away as they’ll do the same to the predators.

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Your Flowers Need Them To Grow

Picture the scene. You’re chilling out in your garden and a big wasp starts buzzing around your head. Instinctively, you attempt to shoo it away as you don’t want it to freak out and sting you. Some people hate wasps so much that they’ll actively discourage them from visiting their gardens, which is a big mistake. Whether it’s a wasp or bee, both are essential pollinators. Without either, your garden will struggle to look as stunning, and that’ll frustrate you even more!

Gardening Should Be Relaxing

You don’t enjoy gardening because it’s tough. Sure, it gets challenging from time to time, and it’s rewarding, but typically, you prefer to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Therefore, there’s no point in fretting over bugs, some of which are vital to your garden’s ecosystem. Do what you can to protect your lawn and plants from intruders, but don’t lose sleep over it. After all, it’s counterproductive and will only increase your stress levels. Gardening Companion didn’t teach you the ropes so that could harm your mental health?

Do you let pests get on your nerves? Will you try and let go?

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