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A beautiful garden can really enhance your quality of life. You’ll have a lovely spot to relax in the sun, plus gardening is a top endorphin boosting activity. Best of all, you can learn to grow some tasty vegetables and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start on your gardening journey. In that case, these five applications can help you make a great start.

1. Smart Plant

Smart Plant is an excellent app for those looking to improve their gardening skills. Using the application, you can identify plants; get rid of garden pests; and receive plant care reminders. You can even chat to plant experts who are ready and waiting to answer your plant-related queries. The application features a plant library and info on trending plants. Here you’ll get inspired with beautiful content from plant lovers and learn new things every day.

2. Flower Checker

Flower checker is an app for identifying plants in your garden or in the wild. Simply take a picture of a plant, and a team of experts will identify it for you. The identification process can take minutes to hours, depending on that particular plant. When you’re looking to build on your gardening skills, it’s useful to learn as much as you can. With this app you’ll never get confused about which ones are weeds again! Flower checker is also a useful app if you like to go foraging and want to check which plants are edible.

3. Veggie Garden Planner

The Veggie Garden Planner app offers plenty of handy tips to create a vegetable patch for your garden. The application will help you to understand the best neighboring plants for different vegetables, harvesting and sowing times, and plant distancing. The app will also tell you all that you need to know about crop rotations. When you’re starting out with homegrown foods, it can be challenging to get great results. With the Veggie Garden Planner app, you’ll be a pro in no time at all!

4. Garden Plan Pro

Using Garden Plan Pro, you can plan your ideal vegetable garden, with expert tips and simple tools. The app is flexible enough to be used with any kind of garden, whether you’re using containers, rows, or raised beds. You’ll find growing information for over 190 plants, and get recommendations about the best harvest dates. There’s plenty of content about how to keep the pests and bay and produce a great harvest.

 5. Gardening Companion 

The Gardening Companion app provides thousands of expert articles about gardening, helping you learn the ropes. The application is also useful as a journal to monitor your progress, share pictures, and become part of a gardening community. With the Gardening Companion app, you’ll learn new things and hone your gardening skills. The journal feature is particularly useful to track everything you learn along the way.

You certainly won’t regret becoming a gardening fanatic, from boosting your mental health to improving your diet there are so many benefits to gain.

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