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Building My Raised Bed Garden

Building My Raised Bed Garden

It rarely happens that we are 100% happy with how a project turns out. But my new raised bed garden is a dream come true! It sounds a little crazy, but sometimes having so much space can be intimidating. This raised bed garden is a combination of nine raised beds in a single, cohesive design that I love. I attended a conference in February where a presenter shared her formal garden comprised of raised beds, pergolas and trellises. In Iowa. Yes, this is what I am talking about! Spurred on by her success and successful design, I started sketching out possible ways to lay this out on notepads. It is hard to picture how a raised bed garden will look when you are drawing it on paper, but after 8-10 different versions this is what we settled on.… Read Full Post
How To Prepare Your Garden For An Outdoor Wedding

How To Prepare Your Garden For An Outdoor Wedding

If you’ve ever daydreamed about your lush garden as the backdrop for an enchanting outdoor wedding, then this one’s for you! It’s not just about having the perfect roses or the greenest grass; it’s about adding that sparkle and preserving what you love. Let’s dive into making your garden a dream wedding venue. Via Pexels Part 1: Focus On The Big Day And Make It Magical 1. Dream, Sketch, And Plan Visualizing a wedding in your garden is like embarking on a whimsical journey. Think about how the sun will hit those blossoms, where the ceremony will be, and the perfect spot for those memorable photos. Play around with different layouts, considering the natural flow of the garden. Don’t be shy to sketch it out!… Read Full Post

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