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Spring is well and truly upon us and though many are currently enjoying the burst of color and vivacity afforded by the season, we’re also looking forward to the summer. It is, after all, in those warm summer months that our gardens feel more mature, more grown in and at their most visually spectacular. This is the time of year so many seasoned gardeners look forward to, when the fruits of the winters’ labor and planning pay off and we have months of relaxing in beautiful surroundings to look forward to. Yet, while most of us will be content to enjoy our sunny mornings sipping coffee and basking in the sun as the grass of the lawn gently caresses our toes, there are some for whom this is the year when their garden gets a little added wow factor.

And what says wow factor better than a water feature? The summer months are the perfect time to spend by the water for added relaxation and pleasure while water features also add a little extra glitz and glamor to the space. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right feature for you…

Unique water features

A swimming pool

Nothing says opulence and luxury more eloquently than your very own pool. It’s long been considered a symbol of wealth and opulence but if you feel that it’s the best fit for your garden, you should be aware that it’s a big commitment. Swimming pools require regular maintenance and repair, although the advent of vinyl liner swimming pools has made some elements of pool ownership a little more hassle free. Visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair. Vinyl liners generally need to be replaced every 12-15 years but they are relatively easy to repair and maintain. If your prepared to put in the time and effort, nothing says wow like a sparkling clear swimming pool.

A wildlife pond

If you’ve never been much of a swimmer but still like the idea of an open expanse of water, perhaps a wildlife pond might be more to your taste. Fill it with fish and relax by your pond as the local bird life comes by every once in a while for a refreshing drink. This is a far more understated look than a fountain while allowing you a better chance to commune with nature. Just be aware that a very specific pH balance is needed to keep your water clear. It doesn’t need to be crystalline in quality but it shouldn’t look like pea soup either. A dash of calcium sulphate in your water may be enough to keep it clear, although if you’re thinking of invest in in carp for your pond be aware that they have a tendency to displace sludge from the bottom of your pond so you’ll likely need a decent filtration system.

Unique water features

A bubbling millstone

Not so long ago stainless steel water walls were all the rage but if this is too ostentatious for you, how about a humble millstone constantly bubbling with a cone of water. This makes for a modest but beautiful centerpiece which is low maintenance and fairly inexpensive to run. They rarely need to be cleaned out and a pump can last years and years.

Water way to have a good time!


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