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The winter that will not end.  At least we can think of summer and start making plans. Not sure where to start? Our grass areas can suffer, your flower beds may have been overtaken by weeds and even patios, brick work and fence panels can all look a little rugged and rough.

However, if you are fortunate to have some outside space in your home, then you may like the idea of investing a little time and effort into it to make it a more usable space. Somewhere where you can enjoy your morning coffee. A place to sit and eat your lunch or enjoy a good book. 

Create an outside kitchen

Many people like the idea of cooking outside and so you may want to consider an outside kitchen to make this easier.. It can be part of an amazing entertaining space or you simply might just like the idea of cooking your food outside. You could add a general grill area like a BBQ, or you could add other aspects to it like gas generated hobs for sauces or a pizza oven. Some even add a sink and food prep area to really make it an authentic kitchen and cooking experience.

Have an area dedicated to al fresco dining

Cooking outside is one thing, but many people love to eat outside. There is just something so lovely and relaxing about enjoying a nice meal with the sun out, a nice cool breeze and a cold beverage to enjoy with it. So if you haven’t really got a good space for this why not create one? A new decked area or a patio can make the world of difference. 

Take care of your flower beds

Your flowers and the beds may have took a bit of beating thanks to all the brutal weather that winter can bring with it. Perhaps some of the flowers are no longer around or you suddenly have a huge surge of weeds that need getting rid of. Take some time to organise your flower beds and maybe even take a trip to the local garden center to invest in some new plants for them.  Creating a colourful garden can be  a very therapeutic process.

Camellia 'Lallarook' (Lalla Rookh)

Camellia ‘Lallarook’ (Lalla Rookh)

Add a water feature

If you garden allows for it, why not create a little water feature. A nice pond perhaps, a little fountain or something a little different maybe. The sound of water running is actually extremely relaxing. A pond can also have some fish in it and even some pond flowers. However, you may even come across Weed Razers pond weeds so you might want to also bear that in mind. It can be a fantastic addition to a garden and give it another dimension. Making it a lovely unique space that you enjoy spending time in.

installing a disappearing fountain

Give your lawn some love

Just like your flower beds may have struggled in winter, so can your lawn and grassed areas. Giving your lawn some TLC can make one of the biggest differences to your garden due to the sheer surface area it can cover. Cutting it down to size, trimming the edges and given your lawn some grass seed and plant food can make all the difference to this area of your garden. 

Think about your fencing panels

Your fence panels are what boxes your garden in and sometimes they can be a last thought when it comes to a garden makeover. But actually the fence panels can make a garden appear shabby and unloved if they are needing some treatment and attention themselves. Fence panels can look brand new simply by being repainted. You could choose a different colour to add a new look to your garden, or stick with the same one and just give it a refresh. 

Could the exterior of your home need sprucing?

Sometimes you have to look beyond the garden to make the area look fantastic, and the exterior of your home could be letting you and your garden down. Does your brickwork need repointing? Do you need a Gutter Cleaning Houston company to give said gutters a thorough cleaning out?  Could your windows and doors do with a clean? Getting some of these chores done can make a big difference to your garden area. You could also add some pots of plants and flowers around the doors or on the patio, and even add some window boxes to give your home that cottage look.

What about storage to keep things tidy?

Finally, during the spring and summer you may find that you tend to pull out more chairs and even toys for children to pay with, leaving them out can make your garden appear untidy. This is when a new storage option like a garden box or a shed can make the world of difference. Not only is the perfect lace for chairs and garden toys, but you can also store your garden tools and keep things neat and tidy. Painting it to match the fence panels and even adding some flowers could make it very pleasing on the eye.

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