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Spring is in full blossom, and we are rolling towards the summer. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are in lockdown or quarantine. With all unessential travel stopped, this year our summer vacation looks set to become a staycation. 

Spending more time at home means you have time to do all the jobs you are usually too busy for, this is especially true in our gardens. But, with many shops forced to close during the pandemic, how can we keep our gardens blooming so we can relax and enjoy the months ahead? 

If you are an avid gardener, chances are you have already done most of the prep work and are now in maintenance mode, trimming and replanting as your plants begin to come to life. However, if you haven’t had the time to get the garden of your dreams, it’s not too late to get green-fingered! 

Simple croton plus ‘Summer Sunset’ asiatic jasmine for an easy spiller.

Most of our local nurseries have adapted to the current situation, and either are operating under strict social distance measures or have taken their services online. This can be daunting to the avid gardener who sees their trip to a nursery as a rite of passage. Choosing plants is a dedicated job, we want to find the best and healthiest looking plants, right? 

Online shopping for plants is no different from online grocery shopping. The team at your local nursery put time and effort into ensuring you get the best of their products. With social media complaints are instant and public, so it does the company no favors to send you withered shrubbery. Calloway’s nursery says “We are working hard to ensure our customers can buy online, we are adding products daily. We also accept phone orders for curbside pick-up” Forward thinking businesses are making sure consumers can shop safely and efficiently. If you are worried about delivery services, then contact your local nursery and ask about a pick-up service. That way you can still check your plants before they arrive home. 

When buying online, you should also check the customer reviews on websites and check the social media feeds to see if there have been any issues. It pays to read the small print on the website too as there could be notes in the sellers’ policy that you weren’t expecting. Perhaps you didn’t realise you are buying young cuttings because the image used on the site was of a well-established plant.

Visiting Longue Vue Gardens

If you do decide to have your plants delivered, don’t forget that courier companies are stretched at the moment. Make sure you allow a few extra days for your new plants to arrive. 

It is possible to keep your garden blooming during quarantine so do your research, speak to your local nursery and work out the safest way to buy all the things you need. Then sit back and relax in your beautiful surroundings. It’s a year to appreciate the little things. 

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