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Think you have a black thumb?  Growing plants in your home is not impossible, it just takes selecting the best plants for these tough conditions.  These are 5 houseplants you won’t kill, I promise. Read on to learn what you should try:

ZZ Plant.

This is my go-to houseplant.  It does well without much sunlight and prefers that you forget to water it most of the time.  This is a relative new comer to the houseplant category, but it’s glossy leaves and easy care make it a winner for me.  For best results let it stay in a small pot and water once every 2-3 weeks.  It is a plant that grows very slowly, so don’t expect to see much happening other than a nice green houseplant that will look great year round.

5 houseplants you won't kill


I am quite confident that this plant is grown specifically to hang over kitchen cabinets.  This is about as traditional as houseplants get but there is a reason for that: it requires very little care but grows well in almost all situations.  There are many varieties now available, some with white and green leaves, solid green, or even a lime green variety that really stands out.  Depending on the size of your plant, watering every week to 10 days should keep this trailing plant growing well.5 houseplants you won't kill

Peace Lily.

The only plant that flowers on my “Won’t Kill” list is the peace lily.  This plant prefers a sunny location in your home, so a South or Western facing window would be best.  Peace lily has large arching green leaves and will produce the white cup-shaped flowers throughout the year.  Peace lily is a forgiving plant, so don’t worry if you see the leaves drooping but simply water it and you will be happy to see it perk back up in a few hours.

5 houseplants you won't kill

Spider Plant.

Another old fashioned favorite that deserves its acclaim for being difficult to kill.  This plant has small green and white leaves and produces the small baby plants on the end of long arching stems.  It is very versatile and can handle a range of light conditions from dark corners to bright window sills. It will thrive with regular watering, similar to pothos, so every week or so will keep your spider plant happy.  If friends compliment you on your plants, simply snip a small plant from the end of the stalk and stick in soil to share.5 houseplants you won't kill

Snake Plant.

The simple form of this plant makes it easy to go from contemporary homes to traditional homes easily.  Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, the simple vertical leaves are quite stiff and hold water for long periods in this extremely tough plant.  This is the type of houseplant that is stuck in the corner behind the couch, gets watered twice a year, and looks none the worse for it!  New varieties range from a silver color, to black and yellow, to green with white stripes, so there are many options available to try.


5 houseplants you won't kill

Are you looking for a unique way to grow your houseplants?  Macrame, the art of knotting cords and rope together, was a huge hit back in the ’70s with DIY-ers. Now, modern macrame is sleek, chic and way cooler than its hippie counterpart. The folks at DesignRulz.com have put together this article with instructions and inspiration to make your own hangers.

If you have a small outdoor space you are no longer limited!  Each of these plants are easy to grow and will certainly add a nice live element to your home.  Look at your local garden center for new varieties of old favorites for a fresh look with these house plants.  Now is the time to add some greenery to your home and being some of the outdoors inside.

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