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Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I had the pleasure of meeting my good friend Grace for lunch in Colonial Williamsburg.  We had lunch, we drank some wine, and we spent  time walking through the main street of Colonial Williamsburg and enjoying the beautiful Colonial Williamsburg wreaths. With previous discussions about how these are made and the materials that are used, we were very excited to see these beautiful wreaths made with live or dried materials.Colonial Williamsburg Wreath

These wreaths and swags are absolutely beautiful.  I was expecting to see the citrus, apples, and pineapples but I was intrigued with the pomegranates, dried okra, oyster shells, feathers and unique preserved materials.  I hope you find these images as inspiring as I do!

Colonial Williamsburg Wreath

Colonial Williamsburg WreathLast but not least, I think this is a great “gardeners” wreath.  Both Grace and I loved the onions with the green tops left on to hang over the side.


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