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If you’re someone that tends to look out into your yard and sigh, then you may find that you tend to get frustrated with the state of your outside space. And it happens. Because our yards always seem to take a lot of work and maintenance to look and feel great all of the time. But when you’re busy it’s not always easy to prioritize your yard maintenance – particularly when you’re just trying to stay on top of your interiors. So, instead, find a few things to make a difference right away. If you don’t want to wait forever or put too much time and money into your yard, but you want instant results, here are five things that can make a difference in your yard today.


Decluttering & Clearing

First of all, a good old-fashioned clearout always works wonders. Technically, this is going to be one of the things that does take up some time and energy, depending on how your yard looks today, but you willnfind that it’s really one of the most effective of all. When you’ve managed to clear away all of the clutter and you’ve cleaned things up so that your yard looks much more presentable and tidy, you will feel so much better when you look out onto it.


Caring For Your Lawn

Maybe your lawn is looking a little worse for wear? Winter can be tough on lawn health, so you often need to revive it in spring. But you may not have the first idea of how to do it yourself. So bring in a lawn care service, such as Atkins, to do it for you. By leaving this to the experts and then learning to carry out a bit of ongoing maintenance to keep it that way, your lawn will sparkle.


Sprucing Your Boundaries

Think about your boundaries and bringing them back to life. When you have a broken fence, untidy hedges, or just no real clear boundary at all, your garden will always look a little messy. By really working on keeping neat and tidy edges, the rest will be pulled together too.


Planting For Spring

Next, you’re going to want to think about how you can bring your yard alive for the rest of spring and into summer. There are lots of different things that you can sow and grow in March, as Thompson & Morgan talk through. By doing this now, your yard will start to blossom over the coming months.

Starting vegetables from seed

Dressing The Deck

Finally, be sure to give your decking and outdoor dining area a little love too. This is where you will probably spend the most time, so you’ll want to really dress it up. Bring in some new seating or accessories such as lights or a fire pit for summer and you’ll be really excited to actually get out into your yard and use it, not just look at it.

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