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To grow an urban, edible garden is genuinely an art. Unfortunately, just like art, it can end up costing you quite a bit of money. The good news is that by knowing where to splurge and where to save, you will have enough in your budget to get the best results and the most delicious fruit and vegetables. Read on for some advice. 

Save on pots 

Plant pots can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you have to buy a lot of them. Fortunately, there are some ways to save on the urban, edible garden cost. 

The first is to make your own. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about whipping up those concrete things you’ve seen on Pintrest. Instead, all you need is some scrap newspaper and a special tool. Then you can make biodegradable pots that you can place directly in the ground: something that will not only save you money, but time repotting as well. 

Picture found at Pixabay – License CC0

Alternatively, why not consider repurposing other containers you have lying around the garden and use those as pots? In fact, just about anything will do including an old welly boot, a kitchen sink, or even the kids paddling pool they no longer use. Just make sure you give them a clean (avoid using containers that have held toxic substances) and line with landscaping fabric. 

Save on running costs. 

Another area in which you can save money in your urban edible garden is on running costs, with one of the most expensive of these often being water. After all, no matter where you are located, your plants aren’t going to grow without water, and so you will need to give your garden a good soaking at least 2-3 times a week! 

Happily, there are some savvy ways you can keep your garden water costs down. In particular, you should consider catching rainwater which is 100% free and use that for your garden. You can even get rainwater harvesting tanks and pumps from suppliers like The Tank Factory online. Something that makes collecting and redistributing rainwater in your garden as easy as pie. 

Invest in compost 

One area in which you won’t want to scrimp is the compost you use. In fact, if you are going to be eating the produce, you are growing organic compost as a must. This is because it’s both full of nutrients and much safer too. 

Invest in seedlings 

When growing an edible urban garden, it can be tempting to opt for seeds. In fact, for just a few dollars, you can get a fantastic selection of seeds, including heirloom varieties. 

Image sourced at Pixabay – License CC0

However, seeds require loads of time and love to germinate, as well as specialist equipment such as greenhouses. With that in mind, if you are just starting your garden, or are short on time, investing in seedlings which can be planted straight into the ground is a great idea. 

It will also give you the best chance of ensuring a decent edible crop as well. Rather than having to hover nervously over your beds for weeks to see if anything decides to shoot! 

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