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You know those scenes that just stop you in your tracks? Coming across this beautiful wall and plant color combination was one of those moments for me!  It seemed like one of those scenes that would appear in a glossy magazine but it was just along a street on a quiet Sunday morning in Tampa.

The beautiful silver blue foliage of this Bismark Palm looks perfectly selected for this peach wall. Or was it the other way around? Do we pick our plants based on wall color or do the walls dictate our plants?

Bismark palm in container


The largest container with the Bismark palm (Bismarkia nobilis) also contained two copperleaf plants (Acalypha sp.), a small orange lantana and several small blue salvias that weren’t in flower. The smaller container was punctuated by a bougainvillea in a tree form, trailing lime green sweet potato plants, purple angelonia flowers, deep rose pentas, and even a small snowbush (Breynia disticha).

Bismark palm in containerThe beautiful shadows and strong lines cast by the palm fronds just begged to have their photo taken! Mike wasn’t quite as excited about this as I, but he did appreciate the beautiful container the Bismark palm is growing in and how well that too complimented the color of the wall.

blue container

And just when I thought that this wall and plant color combination might be happenstance, we turned the corner to this scene. Now cobalt blue containers are always stunning, but here it is perfectly matched to the tile accents along the building. The ornamental peppers in the foreground are also an indicator to me that there is some serious intent with the plants grown here!


Do you have wall and plant color combinations that you have discovered? I would love to see them!

'Gold Mound' lantana and blue container


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