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The many lockdowns and social distancing measures we have all endured over the summer months have made it evident how important our gardens and outdoor areas are. This is a place to spend quality time with your loved ones, make ever-lasting memories, exercise in all safety, and get your much-needed dose of Vitamin D. 

But, now the days are getting colder and colder, it is easy to feel trapped indoors and without an outdoor space to enjoy. However, your garden can still be an excellent environment for you to spend the Christmas holidays with your family and safely meet your friends. It just needs some adjustments – start with the ones below!

Tidy Up Your Whole Outdoor Area

First off, tidy up your outdoor area and clean your garden of leaves, brushes, branches, and debris. This step is important to make your outdoor area safe for your whole family – including little ones. Check your garden’s fences and borders, making sure that they are clean, neat, and safe. 

If you have used wood and nails, make sure these are perfectly in shape, and there is no rust. If rusted, bent, or poking out, it is recommendable to get rid of them and replace them with new fixtures. This is crucial to ensure that the garden structures and fences are safe and will stand the winter’s harsh weather conditions.  

Winter interest in the garden

Make Your Patio Cozy and Welcoming

If you have a patio or outdoor covered area, you should make the most of it. If you don’t, this is the best year to invest in one! Indeed, we are likely to be spending more time than we had imagined indoors this year. So, creating a sheltered, comfortable area for you and your family to enjoy throughout the cold season is paramount. 

You can turn your patio around by cleaning it, tidying it, and start adding thoughtful details. If you are using your patio as a storage area, you should reconsider its current design, implementing cabinets and cupboards that can give it a sleeker look.

If your patio is too exposed to the elements, you might also consider enclosing it with insulating materials.

Add Heating and Blankets

If you want to enjoy more time outside of your home this winter, you will need to make sure that your garden or patio is warm enough. As we’ll see, installing a fire pit can add a touch of extra magic to the atmosphere and warm up the immediate surrounding. 

But, if you wish to have a more practical solution, you should invest in outdoor heaters. Don’t forget to drape the chairs and armchairs with throws and blankets. Don’t forget to add extra pillows and cushions for an extra comfy evening. 

Don’t Hold Back on Lighting

During winter, days are famously short, and you can expect to be in the dark by 4 pm during certain months. So, fitting enough light fixtures to light up the whole area is a must. If you wish to make still the atmosphere comfortable and intimate, opting for fairy lights and brighter Edison bulbs are excellent options. 

Indeed, the light they create is enough for you to enjoy dinner parties in your enclosed patio or a cup of hot chocolate outdoors in the evening. So you can enjoy a magical design with just a few simple additions. 

Add Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Adding furniture to your garden is something you cannot overlook, but using the right materials is crucial. Indeed, the furniture industry does impact the environment, and if you are only looking for chairs and tables for one season, it is recommendable to find pre-loved items. 

Alternatively, you might decide to put your DIY skills to test and create your own pieces of furniture! Using elements such as pallets allow you to create bespoke pieces of furniture that will last through the winter. Once you have created the ideal furniture, just add pillows, blankets, and throws, to make it even more comfortable.

Plant Winter-Friendly Seeds

The winter season is not just the time of the year where you can forget about your garden. These are important months, especially if you wish to have a well-designed garden and cared for in spring. 

There is an endless list of flowers, plants, vegetables, and grasses that are hardy enough to not only survive the winter but even thrive through it! If you are yet to decide on the winter plants for your garden, take a look at Boston Seeds and start designing your dream winter garden.

Consider Installing a Small Conservatory

If you wish to make the most out of your garden this winter, you might consider installing a small conservatory or orangery. Whether you wish to call it a garden room or sunroom, this is the best way to enjoy the winter sun. This extension allows you to keep practicing your gardening skills and get your plants to continue to grow before spring. While it seems like an unnecessary investment at first, a conservatory can be a beautiful addition to any living room or kitchen. Start planning for it now!

Attract Wildlife

You can attract small-size wildlife, such as robins and other birds, just by adding little houses or feeding stations. Depending on where your home is, you might not be able to see your garden filled with animals, but you will be able to help some birds, squirrels, or frogs occasionally.

Consider Installing a Fire Pit

Installing a fire pit is a dream for every gardener or camping lover. It allows you to always have a place where you can say goodbye to your TV and enjoy the crisp evening air. You can use the flames to toast marshmallows or grill vegetables for your upcoming family dinner. 

And, with a cup of drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine in your hands, having a fire pit in your garden is an excellent way to get the whole family to come together and take time to tell stories and anecdotes. There is nothing better to make this upcoming Christmas a little more magic – even if in an unusual way!

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