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Some people like to use their garden for growing vegetables and flowers but that takes a fair amount of hard work. Why not consider using your garden as a great entertaining space instead? When the summer comes back around it’s the perfect place for hosting parties and bbq’s (and you can even set it up for some winter evening events!). It’ll take a bit of work to get it all set up, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you going.


Patio Area

When you’re creating the perfect entertainment area in the garden you need to build a focal point in the garden where you can put furniture for people to sit around. Proficient Patios is one good option because it’s a no fuss staging area that doesn’t require much upkeep. The other benefit of putting a patio in the garden is that it can add an additional “room”,  giving the illusion of more space.  Keep some of the existing grass in the garden so you make the space multifunctional and add some other great features

Turn Your Garden Into A Great Entertaining Space

Add a Gazebo

In the height of summer when the sun is shining entertaining outside is an easy choice. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the weather and if you haven’t made any preparations for the rain, your party might have to be cut short. The simple solution to that is to put a gazebo up so everybody can take shelter underneath. It will also be perfect for hot days when the sun is too much and you need some shade. Bonus: It’s  the perfect way of keeping ice and drinks out of the sun as well.

Turn Your Garden Into A Great Entertaining Space


If your garden parties are a success they’ll carry on late into the evening, but only if everybody can still see each other. That’s why it’s vital that you get some good lighting out there.  There are a wide variety of options for any budget.  A cheap set of fairy lights draped around your gazebo will do the trick and will cost little. For a larger budget, uplighting and permanent fixtures will provide many years of lighting. 

A great entertaining space is a favorite use of our garden. How do you utilize yours?

Turn Your Garden Into A Great Entertaining Space

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