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Where would a gardener be without her tools? Spending a lot more time in the dirt, that’s for sure. However, rare is the gardener that actually shows those tools the care and attention they deserve. This leads to breakages, repairs, and expensive replacements. Here, we’ll show you how you should be taking much better care of the friends helping you in the garden.

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Clean them every time

How often do you simply toss your tools into a box or into the shed after you’re done using them? If there’s still dirt, clippings, or grime on them, then it’s going to wear away at them, dulling the blades and increasing the chances of rust. If you want to keep your yard in mint condition for longer, all you have to do is keep some rags and steel wool around to wipe them clean with ease. You don’t need water in most cases and, indeed, it’s best not to use it if possible.

Mind where you keep them

Garden tools might seem hardy and reliable, but they can degrade, they can rust, and they can become a lot easier to break, which can even make them dangerous. Aside from keeping them in a shed, you should ensure that you have a sealed toolbox or a wall storage area where they can be hung. Then you need to make sure that area is dry and protected from the elements outside. Moisture is the big enemy here, so any signs of damp or mold are also a sign you need to better protect the area.

Don’t forget your lawnmower

It doesn’t take a lot to keep a lawnmower in good condition, but it doesn’t take a lot for something to gum up the works, either. Make sure that once the lawnmower is turned off after use that you’re wearing work gloves and clearing the blades of any clumps of grass or greenery stuck in them. If you find it’s not cutting well, then this guide on reel mower sharpening can ensure that you’re keeping the blades in good condition, as well. Don’t give up on a lawnmower simply because it’s not working as well as it should. It often doesn’t take long to find out why.

A little oil can do a lot of good

If you feel like a pair of shears or any other tools are starting to give a little more resistance when you use them, then keeping some lubricating oil nearby can be a great help. However, one oil you should make sure you’re stocked up on regularly is linseed oil. This is good for any tools with wooden handles, cleaning them and preserving them so that they don’t start rotting or degrading. Just be sure to wash the rag you wipe them with so they don’t prove a fire risk.

Give your tools the care and attention that they and they’ll take care of you for years to come, too. At the very least, you won’t have to spend money on replacements quite as often as you might otherwise.

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