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For many gardeners, mowing the lawn is one of the jobs they hate the most. It’s a very laborious job that can be quite hard going if your lawnmower is heavy to push around. Plus, it needs to be done on a very regular basis, especially during the hot summer months. Once we are at the end of April, it often becomes necessary to mow the lawn once a week to keep on top of the excess growth. It won’t slow down until the end of September – so that’s a lot of hard work throughout the summer!

Have you had enough of your lawn? No problem; there are ways you can deal with it, or just remove it from your garden altogether. Read on to find out more!


Hire Help

If you would rather keep your lawn in your garden but don’t want to be troubled with all the hard work that comes with mowing it, you can always hire some lawn specialists, like the guys at Super-Natural Landscaping to come and take care of it for you. They might even be able to offer you some advice on any landscaping and changes that you might be able to make that could make it easier to manage. While they are working on your grassy areas, they will be able to feed it to ensure that it’s in great health.

Add a Patio

Happy to get rid of the lawn altogether? Well, why not simply replace it with a patio? It’s easy to lay a patio – all you need to do is dig up the grass and then lay down some paving slabs or other decorative stones. If you think that that sounds like too much bother, you can always outsource the work to a patio expert or garden landscaper. Patios come with minimal maintenance, and you will find them a lot easier to look after than a lawn.

Reduce  Size

If think your lawn would be a lot easier to maintain if it were smaller, you can always reduce its size. Simply choose the section of lawn you would like to keep, and then remove the rest. You can replace the lawn with flower beds or vegetable patches. Alternatively, you could replace it with some paving slabs to create a path or small patio.

Add Decking

Not too keen on the idea of a patio but want to replace your lawn with something? Well, I have the perfect answer – decking! If you are quite a hands-on and practical person, you should find it easy enough to lay down the decking yourself. Alternatively, you could always hire a handyman to come and do the work for you. In fact, most garden stores that sell decking will deliver it with a workman who can fit it in place for you.

You don’t have to struggle on with your lawn if you don’t want to – all of the tips above are great solutions for any lazy gardener!


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