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Choose Your Style

Even gardens have different styles you can choose from, and before starting the bathroom revamp, a theme that suits should be chosen. To give you more insight, here’s an example of different garden styles.

  • City Garden and Courtyard  – if your space is limited, you can do a city garden and courtyard inspired bathroom where the area is small, but everything is well thought off. All of the details and accessories are put but in a small and subtle way.
  • Gravel and Rock Garden – this style depends on more paving stones and rock elements. If you want a unique one, you can go for this.
  • Traditional Garden – if you want a simple and straightforward bathroom, you can opt for the traditional ones where the sole focus is trees and plants.

Once you choose the style inspiration, you can go ahead in purchasing and building. This step is very important and will act as the foundation or “blueprint” of your bathroom.

Get the Right Materials

Have you ever bought something and it turns out it wasn’t what you needed, or is it unsuitable for the purpose? You don’t want to make the same mistake in building a part of your home because it will be costly. Duravit, a brand specializing in bathroom contemporary designs, produces a variety of bathroom basins, toilets, bathroom furniture, and brassware for this reason. No one wants to build a modern bathroom with a funny-looking basin or faucet. No matter how urgent you want your bathroom to be done or how much your budget is, there will be the perfect material and brand for you.

Don’t rush and be frugal in buying material for your house. You don’t want a substandard bathroom that you will end up spending more on repairs. This also refers to every small and big thing that you will buy, like cement and paints.


Try to Achieve Natural Look

There are three ways to achieve a natural-looking bathroom:

Plants – plants will brighten up and freshen up the place quickly, get indoor plants that can thrive in your bathroom. Put them all over your bathroom, and it can quickly achieve that garden look. You can purchase fake plants, but real plants can make the air quality better.

Lighting – make your bathroom as bright and lively by using artificial or natural light. Put curtains, open up your windows, or install beautiful lights. Lighting can improve a place in the easiest way possible.

Colors – try to incorporate colors that you can find in the garden. It is a little bit tricky with color combinations, so you have to try them first before painting the whole place. You can follow a color palette like earth colors or bright colors.

Ensure that you’ll incorporate these things as much as possible, but in an aesthetic way.

Add Fine Touches

Think about the small things that you can add, such as fresheners, linens, and displays. Putting them will finish and polish the look. Be careful as this can make or break the whole look. As you get things, bear in mind the style and theme that you are following.

Consider adding photo prints (or even wallpaper!) that uses photos that you’ve taken in your garden or during your travels. Companies like Photowall make this process very easy and allow your garden to come indoors through beautiful prints.

Here are four simple but fool-proof things that you can do for your nature-inspired garden bathroom. Renovating or building your bathroom doesn’t need to be costly. With the right information and effort, you can build an excellent bathroom without a sweat.

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