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We all want our homes to look just as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside. Maybe you’re planning on selling your home and want to improve the value. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new place and need to get the yard up to your standards. You might have been in your home for a while, but have decided you want to get outside and enjoy your garden more- either way, giving it a tidy up is worthwhile. It will create a good impression to guests or buyers, or will create a pleasant environment to spend time if you want a nice garden for yourself. Here are some of the things that can bring down the look of a garden and easy ways to clean them up this spring. 

hostas in florida do not look like this

Diseased Trees or Too Many Trees

There’s nothing lovelier than the sight of a mature tree, even more so if it’s covered in blossom or fruit! If you’ve grown it yourself then it’s even more special and chances are you’re really proud of how it’s grown over the years. However, if your trees are blocking the light to your house, or perhaps they have developed rot or a fungal disease then you may want to consider removal or trimming by an expert. Companies like treequote.com can tackle this for you, since removing trees (especially large ones) can be a huge job. If you are in Florida, you may want to give https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/fl/fort-pierce/​ a call. Next time you plant trees, be aware of how big they could grow and plant them in a better location. Using proper treatment early on and proper pruning can help to avoid diseases that will lead to the demise of your trees.


Over time, gardens can accumulate clutter and it leaves them looking  unappealing. Perhaps yours are littered with pots that were once home to lots of colourful blooms but are now dead and dull? Maybe garden tools have been left lying about the place, or materials from unfinished or unstarted jobs? Simply having a tidy up can make a world of difference. Put anything that’s still functional into a shed or garage, and throw away anything that’s broken or past its best. If there’s a lot to remove, it might be easier to hire a skip. Broken bird tables or houses, bicycles, wheelbarrows and more can all be moved and put into the right place. Once the garden is tidy, it’s much easier to get rid of weeds and sort out things like flower beds and lawns.

Caladium 'Berries N Burgundy' from Classic Caladiums

Caladium ‘Berries N Burgundy’ from Classic Caladiums

Weathered Fences, Gates and Garage Doors

Sometimes it’s not the garden itself that contributes to an unappealing looking home, but things like weathered fences and garage doors. These need repainting every few years, so if it’s been a while since yours were done perhaps it could be a weekend project for this summer. Choose a wood paint with good reviews and is guaranteed for a certain number of years. This can smarten up the look of the garden and your home in general.

DIY trellis project

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