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Like interior styles, garden design has always been susceptible to changes in season and popularity. In the wake of a year that’s seen far more of us spending significant time in our backyards, design focuses here have especially narrowed down on what makes a garden great in the current climate. Those lessons have led to the emergence of some pretty strong outdoor design focuses that don’t look set to go anytime soon. 

In the new dawn of 2022, everything we’ve learned about our outdoor spaces over the past two years has especially culminated in design trends that are set to withstand even the darkest of times. But, what exactly are these trends, and how can you incorporate them into your outdoors  at last?

Trend 1: The backyard as a social space


Lockdowns that meant we could only host friends in our backyards have highlighted something that keen garden enthusiasts have known for years – incorporating social spaces outdoors is always a good move. From patio areas to complete decking installations, clever seating, sociable eating, and even a projector screen if you’re so inclined, can all make for some amazing nights. Even outside of a specific social setting, setups like these are especially great for encouraging the family outside, either to spend some quality time or just to enjoy breakfast with a view. 

Trend 2: A much-needed pop of color

Our outdoor spaces have always been capable of brightening our days, but even the non-green fingered among us have seen first-hand the value of natural color in the space this past year. Certainly, individuals with largely monotone or paved outdoor areas have craved a hint of natural beauty to see them through. This is a priority that’s withstanding even as public gardens etc. reopen, and it’s leading many of us to either embrace the beauty of container gardening or get stuck in with planting full-on flower beds ready for summer. Even simple steps like seeking a lawn care provider to eliminate tired and yellowed grass in place of vibrant greens is making a difference for many. Regardless of how far you choose to go with this, however, the motto very much seems to be that the more color, the better. 

installing a disappearing fountain

Trend 3: The best backyard offices

Our backyards were once reserved for playing with the kids or hosting the odd barbecue, but recent times have seen more of us than ever seeking viable work from home setups that garden enhancements are increasingly making that possible. Yet, as is always the case when a space changes usage, making the best possible backyard office for your needs requires some redesigning. Specifically, current trends highlight a leaning towards not just great garden offices but also increased privacy from neighbors, general layout improvements (e.g. clear paths, structured views, etc.), and shade with the help of well-placed bushes, plants, or trellises to ensure glare doesn’t get you down during those working afternoons. 

To say that garden trends have changed would be an understatement. Are you up to the challenge of keeping your backyard in style regardless?

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