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When you’re lucky enough to have a large expanse in your back garden, it can be an absolute blessing, especially in the summer months. However, staying on top of the care and upkeep can see you spend a lot of money and time to keep it all in ship shape, and this can encourage you to give up on the venture and allow the place to grow wild. Luckily, there are a few generally unheard of top tips that can help you to look after your large garden throughout every month of the year without having to exert mass amounts of energy or having to empty your bank account. So, if your green space is getting a little out of hand and you’d like a few ideas to sort it all out in no time at all, then read on to uncover some of the handiest hacks to make use of today! 

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Think Big

If you have a big garden, then you have to think big. The largest space you can tackle should be your first port of call, and if this means seeking out landscaping services to lay the best possible foundations for you to work from, then so be it. When you look at your garden after a period of low quality care, there will be several bigger problems that initially jump out at you, whether this is over growing trees blocking out all light, or perhaps even weeds growing across your once lush green grass. Tackling these issues will give you the opportunity to identify any smaller improvements along the way, and speed up the process dramatically too. 

Adding A Splash Of Color 

Sticking exclusively with plain grass or even paving can make your garden seem like a huge mass of empty space. Putting no effort into the flora and fauna will create a garden that looks like nothing more than a field you might pass on a country drive, ultimately rendering part of the price you paid for your property to be somewhat pointless. Adding life and colour into the mix can change this completely, as planting different flowers not only adds aesthetic value but helps to attract and sustain wildlife too. A simple border of sweet smelling plants of all kinds will instantly improve the look and feel of your garden, and there’s no doubt about the appreciation you will get from all local bees! 

Create Defined Sections 

It can be tough to make proper use of all of the space that comes with a huge garden, and often this means sections get left behind and see no fun at all. Changing this can help you to stay on top of the upkeep more readily, as investing some time and money into making proper use of your garden with further encourage you to stay on top of its upkeep. You could have a BBQ area, a vegetable patch, a play area for children or a dining table and chairs for any summer meals outside!

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