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Who doesn’t love succulents? Who also has so many plants that they are running out of space? Just today I was introduced to Bloomingtables and I think this succulent table may be the perfect way to squeeze just a few more plants into our home!

This project is still in the KickStarter campaign, but their beautiful design is sure to be a hit.

I am a little dubious about plant selection and I think its going to be very important to select the right plants for your location. These older posts on growing succulents indoors and succulent terrariums will give you lots of good ideas for succulents that will do well without a ton of light. All of these will keep their great shapes and colors in darker rooms.

succulent terrarium

And now I’ve started thinking, what would I plant in my BloomingTable? I am leaning toward mosses! Wouldn’t a table planted with lots of mosses, maybe selaginella be beautiful? It would need to be kept fairly moist, but the water tight design would be perfect for this.

This post was written completely on my own behalf. I have not received any product or payment in exchange for my thoughts.

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