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Talk to any real estate agent, in any market, and they’ll tell you that curb appeal is critical to getting the best offer for your home. 

That’s not just anecdotal—there’s data on the importance of curb appeal. According to HomeLight’s Q2 2019 Top Agent Insights report, 94 percent of agents say that curb appeal adds value to the seller’s bottom line.  

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a landscaping firm to completely redo your tired yard. You can achieve great curb appeal at relatively low cost and with a weekend or so of effort—just follow these simple gardening tips. 

Mow and edge your lawn

It’s amazing the difference a tidy front yard can make. It’s one of the most basic yard care activities there is, and yet so many people either don’t mow often enough, or don’t pay attention to the details, like edging. 

Prior to listing your home for sale, and during the entire time that it stays on the MLS, keep your lawn mowed to precision. It will keep your home looking well-kept, while also creating an excellent backdrop for any planting or other details you add. 

Choose flowers or greenery with your home’s color in mind

When you walk into a nursery, it can be tempting to choose flowers or plants based solely on what appeals to your eye—bright pink zinnias, yellow snapdragons, blue forget-me-nots. 

But it’s important to take into account the color of your home, so you don’t inadvertently choose colors that will clash. If your home is pale blue, for example, you probably want to go with purples or pinks, with an occasional blue sprinkled in for effect. You want enough color contrast to be striking, but not so much that it becomes jarring. 

Mulch your beds

Mulching is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal without much effort. Mulch creates a clear separation between planting beds and your lawn, pulling the yard together and making everything look instantly tidy. 

In addition, mulch can lower the amount of maintenance your garden requires, as it will insulate the soil, aid in water retention, and help prevent weeds. 

 Keep hedges and trees trimmed

If your yard contains hedges or trees, make sure to trim them back regularly. While you don’t  want them to look boxy—unless you’re a dedicated gardener with a geometric streak—you do want them to look like they’re under control and tamed. Nothing says neglect like a bush with countless stray branches reaching out to grab you! For better comfort you can go for a battery powered hedge trimmer.

Add or emphasize your walkway

If you’ve got a sidewalk that leads to your door, consider lining it with small solar lights to further define the edges and make the approach to your home more inviting.  

If not, laying a simple stepping stone walkway is an excellent way to up your curb appeal.  This is especially true if your home has limited outdoor space, as a well-defined walkway can serve as a focal point that will draw potential buyers’ eyes away from the size of your yard.

You can drastically improve your curb appeal with just a few simple steps. So break out those gardening gloves, find those hedge trimmers, and let’s get to work!

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