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Henry James once said, “I think patriotism is like a charity – it begins at home”. So, why not jump-start your patriotism right outside your front door? Whether it’s President’s Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or just an overwhelming sensation of patriotism, there’s never a shortage of days where you can wave the stars and stripes over your  patriotic garden. However, you might not know where to start. If this sounds like you, check out these tips to add some art to your patriotic garden.

Patriotic garden design

Add Red, White, and Blue Naturally

If you’re a fan of natural beauty, one way to add some patriotism to your garden is to plant flowers that represent the colors of the Star-Spangled Banner. You can either plant these in the form of a flag, grow them in a concentric circle, or simply alternate them in your garden to add some color. Some great red plants for your garden include red geraniums, red salvia, or red snapdragons. People also commonly plant white alyssum, white petunia or white heliotrope for the white color, and blue ageratum, blue lobelia, or blue ageratum for blue hue.

Paint an Old Shutter

Your shutters are an integral part of your outside persona and can be decorated to match your garden’s theme. You can either paint your own shutters or find an old shutter around the house or at a secondhand shop and paint a patriotic image on it. Use tape to isolate the parts of the shutter you want to paint at a time and use the red, whites, and blues to create a design of a flag or an inspirational patriotic message. You can also use a white paint marker to draw in stars after you’re done painting. If you used an old shutter, you can place it next to your porch or by your favorite flowers.

Add the Flag to Your Planters

One way to add a little bit of patriotic art to your garden is to add it to your planters. Planters are generally the first thing that people decorate as they can be quite bland without any color. You can either use paint to decorate these planters or make planters out of household objects. If you have some old fencing posts, a wheelbarrow, or a basket, you can construct a planter out of it and add either red, white, and blue paint or cloth around it. Then, add some small American flags or find some flagpoles for sale, to your planter to finish it off. No one will ever ask you if your backyard is patriotic enough.

Patriotic garden design

Your garden is an expression of you, so be sure that it accurately reflects how you feel. If you’re feeling patriotic or want to show some support for your country, let it all out in your very own patriotic garden.


This article contributed by author Cass White. Our family is growing! Our new baby boy is taking up our sleep so I am using this month to feature guest posts from other garden writers. Stay tuned for more and please let me know how you like these articles. 

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