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When you visit the private garden of Arthur Blank, Home Depot co-Founder, high expectations are set. Upon visiting there were the expected flower beds and fountain, but the restraint and design were impressive.
Private garden of Arthur Blank
A quick scramble around the property left me oohing and ahhing. The three things that stood out to memory included the beautiful trees, the greenhouse and the ponds.
Private garden of Arthur Blank

The Greenhouse

Oh this greenhouse. I want it. Is there any other way of stating this?  The greenhouse was designed and manufactured by Hartley Botanic Ltd.   The quality is unmistakably well done. I truly think I could live in here!  The  stone base gives the structure a very permanent feel from the outside, and inside it creates a workable surface that also feels quite homey.
Private garden of Arthur Blank, Harley Botanic ltd greenhouse
Just outside of the greenhouse, the stone flooring flows outward to a fire pit and sitting area. The thick edge of this firepit seems to be a perfect place to stop and rest, enjoying the lovely gardens.
Private garden of Arthur Blank fire pit

The Ponds

Just beyond the greenhouse and fire pit, Monet-inspired ponds fill the landscape. I feel like I would be tempted to stuff these full of waterlilies and aquatic plants, but the restrained amount of plants allows the water to be the star of the show.
Private garden of Arthur Blank
Throughout the private garden of Arthur Blank I noticed a trend toward the appreciation of animals. There were several memorials to pets which felt to personal to photograph. As a person with an extreme attachment to my pets, this aspect of the gardens really resonated with me.  This was one piece that moved me.
Private garden of Arthur Blank

The Trees

The Japanese maples throughout the private garden of Arthur Blank are stately trees whose contorted and twisted branches invite you to peer underneath. Since these don’t grow well in Florida, I find myself drawn to their beautiful shapes!
Private garden of Arthur Blank Japanese maple
Along the outer lawn, pyramidal cypress trees repeat their strong shape and provide a green background to the other shrubs and flowers.
Private garden of Arthur Blank
The private garden of Arthur Blank was a treasure to explore without giving off the air of being completely unachievable for the common person.  A well planned, yet well done, landscape and the details within created a beautiful garden any person would be happy to call their own.
Private gardens of Arthur Blank
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