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January is almost over and now is the perfect time to start looking forward to the spring and the new life we will experience this year. Our garden is dormant from November to February, but once the frost goes away and warmer weather starts to blow in, life will grow and bloom and provide us with the most stunning display. 


But what can we do now to get our garden ready for the spring? To allow the garden to bloom and thrive in spring we will want to prepare now: and today we have some helpful tips for you. 

Cut or prune trees 

The first thing you will want to do during winter is cut down or prune your trees to make them tidier and less wild. You can call a Tree Service who will come and either give your trees a haircut or even chop down a large tree that is taking light away from the rest of the garden. It is important to do this during winter because your tree will be dormant and it won’t already have nests in there from birds. Once you do this your trees will look healthier, and the space where a tree once was has the potential to grow new life. 

Consider buying bulbs 

Now is the best time for you to go to your local garden centre and start gathering bulbs that you want to plant in your garden. Bulbs from tulips to daffodils and irises can be bought now and planted during February ready for bloom in the spring and summer. If you are looking to create a stunning display this summer in your garden full of colour with plants that will come back year after year, this is what you should be doing today. 

Plant tulips

Get rid of weeds 

Weeds are a pest and somehow they manage to get all over our flower beds as well as between paving slabs on the driveway and more. Winter is a good time to kill these weeds and stop them coming back in the summer and there are some helpful ways to do this. One method for the driveway is to sprinkle salt all over where the weeds grow and this will kill them at the root allowing you to pull them out. In the flowerbeds you can simply pull out the weeds by the root and then consider adding some slate or stone to particularly affected parts of the garden. 

Clean the greenhouse 

If you have a greenhouse in the back garden it is the time now to clean it thoroughly and get it ready for the summer. A greenhouse is a brilliant feature to have in your garden and you will be able to plant lots of vegetables and fruits and exotics plants you might jot be able to in your climate. Take the time to disinfect the greenhouse, clean all of the windows, and open it up to allow it to air for a few hours. Once your greenhouse is clean and ready for plants you can even sow a few seeds now to get the process started!

Private gardens of Arthur Blank, Harley Botanic ltd greenhouse
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