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Are Calathea plants toxic to pets?

Are Calathea plants toxic to pets?

Calathea, also known as the Prayer Plant, is a common houseplant with gorgeous foliage. For many of us adding this to our homes, it is important to ask the question: are calathea plants toxic to pets? Calathea plants earn the name prayer plant because when the sun shines on its leaves it opens very wide, and when the sun sets, they close up like folded hands. Calathea is a genus of nearly 300 plant species native to tropical America in the Marantaceae (arrowroot) family. I am one of those people who will be fighting the new genus name, Goeppertia, for a long time. I will forever call my rattlesnake plant Calathea lancifolia instead of Goeppertia insignis. Because of its attractive leaves and relaxing properties, it is one of the most popular plants.… Read Full Post
Hatching Black East Indie Duck Eggs

Hatching Black East Indie Duck Eggs

Black East Indies are beautiful bantam duck with a beetle green sheen to their feathers. They make an excellent addition to a barnyard or home flock. Black East Indie hatching eggs can be hard to find, but they are worth the effort to do so! Once you have them in hand I hope that these simple instructions are helpful to you. The green sheen of Black East Indie duck feathers is beyond compare. Why Black East Indie hatching eggs? Black East Indies can be hard to find locally. For many people, ordering hatching eggs is the only way to acquire these birds. Ordering hatching eggs, of any breed, and having them sent through the mail is risky and I generally consider anything over a 50% hatch rate to be a great success.… Read Full Post

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