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I’ve often confessed my love of caladiums. In fact, I recently taught a 90 minute class on only caladiums. Yes, that’s right, an hour and a half. It was awesome!

I feel very fortunate to get to see some of the newest varieties of caladiums before they hit the market and I wanted to share a few of those here. A few of these are now available in limited quantities, mostly from my friends at Classic Caladiums or Bates Sons & Daughters Caladiums. Both are great!

Caladium 'Puppy Love'

Caladium ‘Puppy Love’

Caladium 'Desert Sunset'

Caladium ‘Desert Sunset’

Caladium 'Sweetheart'

Caladium ‘Sweetheart’

Caladium 'Classic Pink'

Caladium ‘Classic Pink’

Caladium 'Lemon Blush'

Caladium ‘Lemon Blush’

Caladium 'Carousel'

Caladium ‘Carousel’

Caladium 'Wildfire'

Caladium ‘Wildfire’

Caladium 'Miss Muffett'

Caladium ‘Miss Muffett’

Caladium 'Pink Zebra'

Caladium ‘Pink Zebra’

Caladium 'Sizzle'

Caladium ‘Sizzle’

Caladium 'Spring Fling'

Caladium ‘Spring Fling’

Caladium 'Summer Rose'

Caladium ‘Summer Rose’

Caladium 'Autumn Beauty'

Caladium ‘Autumn Beauty’

Do you have a favorite among these?  I am completely torn!  I should mention that I am a big fan of chartreuse and pink combinations, so the ‘Lemon Blush’ and ‘Autumn Beauty’ are both really attractive to me. And ‘Desert Sunset’ is such a unique color!  An almost rusty pink, it has dark veins and looks very refined to me.

I included ‘Miss Muffett’ in here just because she is one of my favorites, again, the chartreuse and pink colors. ‘Wildfire’ is certainly a new color palette too. The spots in here are a burnt orange color that I haven’t see in these new caladium varieties before. This is probably the opposite of the bubblegum pink ‘Spring Fling’ that has huge, almost transparent leaves. I am sure it would burn up in a sunny location, but in the shade it is a rock star.

I would love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below on your favorites among these new caladium varieties!

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