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Farming has many benefits. It’s profitable and you won’t have to worry about your food source. But before you start a farm, there are some things you need to know first, such as the essential tools you will need. If you’re planning to start a farm and don’t know what to get, here are some information about the must-have pieces of equipment that will make farming easier.

Tow-Behind Spreader

One of the first things to consider when purchasing farm equipment is a tow-behind spreader. As its name suggests, it helps farmers to spread fertilizer, seed, and ice melt easier up to 12 ft. spread width, depending on the size you chose from the list of the best tow behind spreaders. It comes in various sizes that will suit your land size.

Compact Tractor

A compact utility tractor is also a must-have because it provides various assistance in almost everything that you need for farming. In fact, you can use it for more than 50 projects. It can help you mow your lawn easily, move dirt, gravel your driveway, and even assist in building a fence.

Additionally, a compact utility tractor can help you create ditch networks. After winter, you can use it to remove snow too. It helps in digging a trench, tilling a garden, as well as disking and cultivating a seedbed, and more. It helps to have the correct set of tractor tires on to make each task as easy as possible. It’s multipurpose, so it’s worth purchasing, especially if you have a big land.


A handcart is one of the first pieces of equipment to consider too. Whether you’re just starting out or not, it’s a helpful piece that will assist you in carrying and transporting loads from one place to another. You can use it to move plants, seeds, topsoil, or tools. You can even use it to transport water.

Handcarts come in various sizes too. Some come with accessories that make them convertible and their prices depend on their capacity and construction.

Livestock Trailer

If you’re planning to add more livestock to your farm, a livestock trailer is worth investing in. Also known as stock trailers, this equipment is used to transport livestock from one location to another. But you can also use it to haul other things. If you don’t need to haul your animals, you can use it to haul hay, lumber, feed, firewood, etc., instead.


Digital trends are worth considering too as they make things more convenient. These days, numerous digital trends in farming are on the rise. And they are worth considering due to the productivity improvement, as well as higher and faster yields, that they can bring.

Usually, this kind of technology can automate your tasks. It can automatically water your crops, weed, and more. They might not come at an affordable price, though. Yet they are worth investing in.

It’s always good to know and invest in the essential items first when starting a farm. This way, you won’t be pouring your money down the drain. These pieces of equipment will surely help you decide which ones to purchase first for your farm.

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