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Do you have any of those projects you’ve been wanting to do for years but just haven’t gotten around to completing? Recently our Mexican beach pebbles project finally moved out of this category and into the ‘Finished’ column. Its about time!

Mexican beach pebble projectAfter three years of wanting to get this done, it took seeing this landscape at the Orange County Convention Center a few weeks ago to finally give us that push to complete this project. This photo shows the area where the Mexican beach pebbles were used to create a lovely flowing pathway of separation between the mondo grass and the turf.

Mexican beach pebble projectOur small lawn space has been struggling for about a year. You can see here the remains of the zoysia grass that we installed a few years ago. At the time, we would have loved to have put in the Mexican beach pebbles, but our budget was limited and the sod was much cheaper. Instead we decided to keep a little bit of lawn in the center of our Asiatic jasmine groundcover.

I should mention that I actually really like the zoysia when it looked good!  The problem is those moments were few and far between. It did start to become a pain that this was our only little piece of lawn that the neighbors could see and needed to be mowed regularly though.

Mexican beach pebble project The remaining turf grass was sprayed to kill off the remnants. I know how this works: the little pieces you leave behind will begin to thrive and become weed-like in nature. It seems ironic that the plant you strive so hard to grow doesn’t really take hold until you want to get rid of it.

Mexican beach pebble projectI used weed fabric to create the shape that I wanted where the turf was previously. The weed fabric serves two purposes: 1) as the name implies it should keep the weeds to a minimum, 2) it will keep the pebbles on top of the soil so that they don’t start to sink in and disappear over time.  It took some time to get the shape perfect and I used sod staples to hold the fabric in place.

Pebble Junction SanfordIt took a few weeks, but we finally made it to Pebble Junction to get our stone. I should probably go ahead and say that I LOVE this place. There are so many different types of stone that I am easily distracted by all of the possibilities! Even though this is 45 minutes from our house, the prices made it worth the effort and the Mexican Beach Pebbles were about half the cost of buying them in much smaller bags at a local home improvement store. And I like going there.

Mexican beach pebble projectOnce the fabric was in place, placing the stones was the easy part. The pebbles spread easily and look great. I took extra time to place the largest stones along the edges to make sure the fabric isn’t visible and is held down securely. I decided to go with the 1-2″ size pebbles and I am very happy with this decision. The price sheet at Pebble Junction says that a bag covers 2 1/2- 3 square feet at a 2″ depth. This is spot on.

When it was finished we couldn’t have been happier. I’ve turned off the irrigation to the entire front yard because the other plants will be just fine with supplemental water. I do want to add a water feature or birdbath to this area but haven’t quite found the perfect piece. At this point it is nice to have this done and know that Mike and I won’t have to rock-scissors-paper for who has to mow the lawn this week.

Mexican beach pebble project




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