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When you’re putting in a lot of effort to create a garden that you love, with plants, flowers, herbs, and shrubs that you are growing yourself, you don’t want any local wildlife coming in and destroying your efforts. If you have been growing strawberries, for example, they can get eaten by birds if they’re not covered up, as well as being consumed by slugs if you don’t put any straw down (hence the name). If you live in an area with deer, then they can cause a lot of havoc in your yard too. They can destroy plants, with some of their favorites being roses, tulips, rhododendrons, and your leafy vegetable gardens. They also carry ticks too, so you don’t want to attract them to your garden. But what can you do?

There are a number of steps that you can take to stop unwanted wildlife in your yard. Some wildlife like bees are great to attract, as they are so important. But from looking into things like raccoon removal to putting preventative measures in place, you can help your yard and garden to stay looking as you want it, and keep unwanted wildlife out. Here are some things to think about.

Put in a barrier fence

The first step in control is to get rid of the unwanted animals. You may have to hire professionals that provide wildlife removal services, in order to do a thorough job. After this has been taken care of, you will want to consider looking at a fence to keep the wildlife out. One big deterrent to stopping unwanted wildlife in the garden is to get a barrier fence installed. A lot of wildlife are good jumpers, as well as good diggers, so it should be dug into the ground where possible, as well as being quite a tall fence, typically around eight feet in height. You may not be able to fence off the whole space, as it will depend on what is available to you. But even a little fencing can make a big difference.

Spray Them Away

It can be a good idea to spritz on some liquids that have a taste or smell that puts wildlife off. It can be an inexpensive way to repel them, but the success that you get will depend. Spiders, for example, are repelled by peppermint oil, so that could be spritzed around things if you find that they are being a nuisance. You can buy some ready-made solutions, but for things like deer, they will have things like eggs and garlic in the ingredients, or a loob-meal solution as a way of putting wildlife off your plants and shrubs. Some other wildlife could be attracted by those smells, so it pays to know what wildlife you are getting in your yard.

Scare them off

You can use some scare tactics to scare off wildlife from your yard, all done in a humane way too. Something like a loud noise can make a difference, but you will need to be in the house to see them, in order for that to happen. You could also invest in something like a motion-detector sprinkler that will spray something with water whenever it walks across its path. Sometimes an old-fashioned scarecrow can do the job to prevent birds too.

Have you found anything that works for you? It would be great to hear what you think.

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