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Owning a lot of stuff can be overwhelming for some people. Others simply do not notice how hard it is to keep track of too many items. Regardless if you love hauling for various things, or like to keep your possessions to a minimum, reaching to an extremity of either side will most likely cause you more inconvenience than you expect.

Decluttering and minimizing your things makes your homes more manageable. Stop holding on to nonessential artifacts and start grabbing a few of those trash bags or boxes. It is time to declutter your home in four different methods.

An item a day can get the clutter away!

As mentioned, decluttering can be a bit more difficult for others. The best advice is to take it slow. You do not have to throw everything out within a day or two. Start by getting yourself a trash bag, a box, or any container that you can put your stuff into. Take five minutes off your daily schedules to select an item or two and sort them into the boxes.

Assign a trash bag for the things you will throw out and a box for clothes or items you will donate. Labeling your boxes will ensure that you will not accidentally pile up your collected items into another heap of things for you to reorganize. Once you have filled them up, say your last goodbyes and ship them to the nearest center for either donations or disposables.

Four-Box Method

Basically, this method recommends using four separate boxes to organize your items. Assign one to throw, donate, keep, and relocate. Rummage through your bedrooms, kitchen, backyard. Once you have a heap of your things, sort them into either of these four boxes.

The good news about this method is you get to salvage a few of your chosen clutter when placed in the “keep” box. Just don’t put everything there, or else it was a waste of effort gathering all those clutter in one place.

Yard waste removal might have larger items for you to take out. Choose which items you can throw away, but do not attempt to fit them in a trash bag or box. There are professionals who can take care of your yard items disposal or donation for you.

Say goodbye to clothes you never wear

Often, clothes take up a lot of closet space. Many people are guilty of owning piles and piles of shirts, pants, blouses, and other clothing items but repeatedly wear only five. If you are not going to wear half of what is in your closet, then sell or donate them. Stop storing them in your homes and give them to people who need them more than your already-filled wardrobe.

Try the 12-12-12 Challenge

This method is a bit more quick-pacing than picking an item a day. The 12-12-12 challenge simply means getting twelve items to throw out, twelve things to give out, and twelve items to return to their proper home. You can complete this challenge in a day and repeat the process as often as you please until your home becomes clutter-free.

Some love to romanticize the idea of owning multiple items and call it treasuring their possessions, when in fact, they are only filling their homes with unnecessary clutter. Perhaps they fail to understand how owning less can free you from clutter, anxiety, and stress. Never be afraid of letting some things go, for it can benefit you in ways you never expected.

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