Go Social

Everyone wants to make the most out of their garden, and that means you need to host people. In the summertime, there’s nothing like inviting friends and family around and eating good food. Unfortunately, you can only do it if your garden is in good shape or else the party won’t go to plan and your dirty yard will be the talk of the town. Gossip flies around neighborhoods like wildfire, people!

The good news is you can transform your garden into the hostess with the mostess in a few simple steps. Continue reading to find out more.

Add Different Textures

A green lawn and colorful flowers look incredible, yet they aren’t the most functional features for events. Where are people going to stand without getting their feet wet and muddy? Where will the BBQ go without sinking into the turf and ruining the grass? The best landscape design is one that mixes textures so that there is a place to stand or cook or sit and relax in peace. Of course, stone flags always work well, which is why almost every garden has a walkway; however, decking is the answer. That way, there is an area for everyone to congregate outside.

Don’t Forget The Furniture

Certain features are obvious, such as a BBQ or a grill. But, other pieces of furniture are often omitted because hosts think they can wing it. After all, there is always kitchen chairs that you can bring outside. The problem with not having permanent fixtures is the lack of comfort. People don’t want to have to ask to sit down and chill out – they want to kick back in a comfy deck chair without a second thought. If you don’t think garden furniture is necessary, be sure to bring the stuff you need outside before the guests arrive.

Hook Up A Heater

Summer is the warmest time of year, during the day. At night, the temperature drops and people sit in the garden freezing wishing they had brought a jacket. Of course, they don’t need to if there is a heater adding warmth and taking the edge off the wind chill. Today, garden heaters are easy to install and aren’t overly expensive. Plus, they are sleek with glossy finishes so that they don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. If the party is going on into the night, be sure to hook up the heater for later on even if you don’t feel cold.

Burn Candles

Candles add light and boost the atmosphere, which are two reasons to have them in your garden. However, the main one is the smell. Pesky pests, such as mosquitoes and flies, often plague guests and make their limbs look like a pincushion. With smelling candles, the odor should keep them at bay and stop them from being a nuisance. Don’t worry about it overpowering everyone because they are usually only sensitive to garden pests.

Is your garden an excellent host? It can be with these fantastic tips!

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