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Let’s be fair, needles from pine trees can be as much of a nuisance as those fallen leaves! Evergreen trees shed needles all through the fall and can quickly mess up your entire garden or backyard. In this guide, we explain how to rake pine needles properly to avoid wasting time and your physical resources. Just use the tips listed in our straightforward step-by-step instructions and you will do the work much faster and save up time for other important yard and garden chores. 

Raking Pine Needles:
Choose the best pine needle rake
Rake the needles into piles 
Pick the needles up and dispose of them! 

How to Rake Pine Needles Properly and Easily

Here are all the steps to rake the needles away as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Get the tools ready

Before you start raking, it’s necessary to get the best rake for pine needles that is designed specifically for that purpose. Such rakes simplify the work many times. Other items to prepare include:

  • Trash bags
  • Gardening gloves
  • Waterproof boots (if it’s swampy)

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Now you need to clear the area covered in needles from any debris, such as pine cones, branches, and twigs. 

Step 3: Rake Properly 

Once the area is ready for raking, wear your gear and start dragging the rake toward yourself to gather the needles. You need to move it fast first and then slow down to help the prongs catch all the smaller needles left behind. It’s recommended to rake from the center to the corners. The best way to pick up pine needles afterward is to scoop them into trash bags while wearing your gloves. Congratulations! Your yard is clean now. 

How to get rid of pine needles?

If the only items you have are a rake and gloves, you can simply scoop the needles into trash bags and dispose of them in trash cans. You can also sell bags of needs to landscapers and retailers or use them in your own garden as mulch (but only if you have plants that need or tolerate high acidity). 


Ready for several more important facts? Here they are.

What type of rake is best for pine needles?

All stores offer special pine straw rake models of different configurations. Wide metal rakes offer the highest raking capacity and durability, but you may consider narrower models if you have a small yard with lots of narrow spaces. 

Can you shred pine straw?

Sure! Shredded pine straw makes great mulch for garden and shrub beds. 

Should I clean up pine needles?

It’s necessary to remove pine straw in your garden as it can destroy grass and flowers they fall on due to naturally high acidity levels. 

Rake That! 

Now you are ready for a highly productive pine needle clean up! Following our guide, you will avoid any problems during the process. It can be one of the easiest gardening tasks if you know what tools and techniques work the best. If you have any improvements to offer or questions to ask, you are welcome to contact us via the comments, and we will reply as promptly as possible. Don’t hesitate to share our guide with your friends too!

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