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Yards are the most neglected part of a home. For the average household, we spend so much time focusing on the carpet, on the windows, and the drapes, that we completely forget the yard. Outside of fancy landscaping, how does one clean a yard? How can we keep it nice and tidy? It’s surprisingly not that easy, especially if you’re trying to avoid noxious chemicals.

Clerodendrum indicum- Tube flower

Most of us have family and friends that play catch and crack open drinks in the yard. We don’t want weird hydro-fluoro-benzo-diazo-whatever leaking into our skin–into our food. It’s best to just avoid it. But how? Here we’ll go over how to keep your yard nice and clean without using harsh chemicals.

Weed Killer

The first thing anybody thinks of (and rightfully so) when they think of yard care is how to get rid of weeds. Weeds are, of course, just naturally growing plants that are endemic to the area. After all, the difference between a weed and a flower is where it’s growing, right? So if you want to get rid of weeds in your yard, it’s best to use organic lawn care and have a more natural approach. You can pull them out, sure, but that could damage the aesthetics of the yard itself. It could leave holes and patches that might one grow quite right.

Solutions for organic lawn care focus less on the plants and more on the soil. If the soil is affected by harsh chemicals and chelating agents, it doesn’t matter that the weeds are gone. It will affect the soil’s capacity to facilitate germination. That’s a big problem.


When we think of gardening, especially organic gardening, the very next thing that comes to our minds is composting. Why? Because it’s awesome. Composting is the best way to create a fertilizing source of nutrients. It’s quite simple. You put certain items in a mix of mulch and dirt and let it rot. That rot is the decomposition of organic compounds, releasing nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus into the soil to be used for all sorts of plants.

It’s a no-brainer if you have the patience and the time. It also keeps you from using synthetic fertilizers, which can contribute to the depletion of nutrients in the ground. With composting, you’re adding and helping, not just taking and taking.

dwarf mondo grass as groundcover

Choose Your Grass

One of the most underrated means of keeping a good looking lawn is to choose the right grass. When you moved in, the grass was probably already there. If you are ever planning on replacing it, your local nursery or landscaper should be able to help you pick a blend or variety that fits with the climate and type of soil you have. A good and healthy yard should be able to withstand and recover from minor to medium damage. You should be able to treat it with organic, easy-on-the skin chemicals that don’t mess with things on a cellular level. The right grass can serve you well without having to pull in the big, bad treatments.

Any way you cut it, you should be able to care for your yard without harsh chemicals. Sure, the bad stuff is convenient. Some of it may be cheap and specific. But you’re sacrificing the health and the viability of your plants and the soil underneath. Stick to organic. Stick to natural means. Stick to planning.

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