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If you would like to impress your guests this summer and make your garden look amazing then now is the time to focus on your lawn. This greenery is a great space for kids and pets to run around, but  – if not looked after – it can turn into a depressive green and brown patch. To make the most out of your garden space this summer, you should look after your lawn to look its best. Below you’ll find a few tips on getting started.

Get Rid of Weeds

Before you start organizing your garden and tidying up your yard, it is important to look out for the signs of damage. In the winter when the ground had little or no chance to dry out, moss might have started to grow in your lawn, and it is hard to kill. Before you get in the routine of mowing your lawn, rake the area and try to get rid of any buildup or debris. 

Give it Air

In the winter, the soil under your lawn may become packed and hard, making it hard for the new seeds to germinate. Using a rake or a machine,  give your soil some texture and space. You might use a lawn aerator to make your job easier. This will help you cover the patches faster and your seeds germinate better. 

Strong Seeds

The variety of grass you are using determines your success. Choose the type that is good for your soil type and use. Hard wearing grass can be a great option for you if you regularly hold garden parties or have a dog and kids who love playing in the garden. One of the best varieties you can choose is Sir Walter Buffalo that can withstand drought and extreme heat, as well as frost.

Look After Your Borders

Your borders matter, and they can define your garden’s shape. Before you start cutting your grass, you will have to make sure that your grass is not grown over your patio or your paving slabs, so you can prevent that unorganized and messy look. If you have flower beds on the side of the garden, you might want to get some bedding borders  to keep the lawn at bay.

Curcuma flowers

Feed It

Throughout the summer you will have to feed your lawn to stay healthy. Instead of using synthetic fertilizers, you can get feeding water that can be mixed in your watering can. Rainwater is always better than hard tap water, so if you have the facilities to collect it, use it to water your lawn and plants as well this summer.

While the grass is usually greener on the other side of the fence, this year you can change the game. Look after your lawn and it can help you enjoy your garden more in the summer.

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