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My nephew picked up this package of “oats for cats” seeds last spring at our local nursery and since that time it has just been sitting on my desk. Yes, I meant to get around to it but it just never became a priority. Now as the winter is in full swing it seemed like a perfect time to get this quick growing project underway (and maybe help me put off starting other seeds a bit longer!)

Supplies to grow oats for cats:

  • Oat seeds (there are SO many options online for this, but if you need help Gurney’s has these at a pretty reasonable price)
  • Potting soil
  • Container — we used old take-out containers! A tray or any shallow container will work just fine.

How to grow oats for cats:

How to grow oats for cats
  • Fill the container with potting soil so that the soil is approximately 1″ from the top. Tap it down lightly to level.
oats for cats
  • Sprinkle oats on the surface of the soil. Our package said 10 seeds per square inch and I think we were well over that amount. Lightly press into the soil.
  • Sprinkle soil with water.
  • I decided to cover ours while the seeds germinated. Saran wrap would be perfect for this! Adding a cover will help keep the soil moist and a little warmer while seeds are germinating.
how to grow oats for cats
  • 7-10 days later you should be ready to serve your cat a nice container of oat grass!

I was a little worried that our cat “wouldn’t know what to do” with this, but that was not the problem at all! He went right for it!

oats for cats
Trying to photograph cats in action is much harder than photographing plants!

Learning how to grow oats for cats is easy and fun– and the perfect winter project!

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