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Nowadays, people are claiming their green thumbs. They are becoming plant parents, adopting their own plants and building gardens in their homes.

However, not every home has a space to have an outdoor garden. The limited space can hinder you from growing your own plants or herbs but good thing this can’t completely stop you from having plants in your home.

You can keep your plants indoors. It would be challenging for sure with the lack of sunlight that plants need but you can use LED lights to help them thrive.

Make sure you use the right color, intensity, and duration when using LED lights to take care of your plants.

Choose The Right Color

Natural sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow that plants love. When buying your LED lights, full-spectrum bulbs are best. Red and blue colored lights and UV lights are also ideal.

Having the right color for your lights will benefit your indoor garden. Green plants absorb the red and blue lights and UV better than others.

Opting to have an indoor garden using Hydroponics is beneficial not only because it adds aesthetics but it also improves the ventilation of your home.

If you are indoor gardening to grow herbs for cooking, it is important you get the right LED lights to help them flourish for harvest.

Have The Right Intensity

Even when using natural sunlight, there is only a certain amount of sunlight a plant can take. Despite needing it to survive, too much can damage them.

It is easy to damage plants using LED lights because of the direct and close exposure. Make sure you learn about the needs of your plants. How much sunlight do they need? This varies per species of plant.

You can control the intensity by adjusting the brightness and placement. Dimming the lights by covering the bulb or having a dimmer control will do the trick. Adjusting the distance between your lights and plants will also adjust the intensity.

Control The Duration Of Light Exposure

Outdoor plants are not exposed to sunlight all the time. Sometimes it gets cloudy and they get a break from the sun during night time. The same concept should still be adapted when it comes to indoor gardening.

Plants need break from the sun. Plants respire in the dark as part of their growing process. Some plants need only 8hrs of light per day but some need more than 12 hours.

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It is important that you know the needs of your plants. Every type has certain needs. It is vital that you satisfy every need of your plants so it will survive.

Do not let the lack of space and sunlight stop you from having a garden in your small home. With LED lights, your plants can thrive inside your home.

Just make sure you have the right color, intensity, and duration. The right maintenance would help your plants survive inside your home

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