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No matter how much you enjoy gardening, there can often be times when caring for it gets to be too much. Whether the work is getting hard for you, you have a lot of work to do to bring your garden back to life after the winter, or you’ve had to neglect your garden for a while due to a busy period, it can feel hard to get back to feeling excited about your outdoor space again. Here are a few tips to help you. 

Tidy Up

If your garden hasn’t been getting the love it deserves, you probably have some tidying up to do. Start by raking and sweeping up any dead leaves, twigs and other debris. Concentrate on patios and pathways. If your lawn is looking thin, you can add in some more grass seed or turf to fill in any bald patches. Lawn installation could also help if your lawn is looking sorry for itself after some periods of bad weather. 

Look for anything that has been damaged, such as loose fence panels, broken guttering, or damaged garden furniture, and get some repairs done. Broken things around the garden look untidy. 

Welcome Wildlife

One of the most rewarding things about having a garden can be watching the wildlife that comes to visit it. If you need to fall in love with your garden again, then add some elements that will appeal to different wildlife to encourage the animals to come back. 

You could do things like install bird feeders and boxes, to attract different birds to come to feed and nest. Insects are important to a garden too, so you could also add some bug boxes or plant flowers that appeal to bees or butterflies. A hedgehog house could also be a nice addition. 

With these new touches in place, spend some time watching the wildlife you’ve managed to attract. This is peaceful and rewarding. 

Add Some Pots

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of trying to get your flowerbeds back under control after they’ve been neglected for a while, then you can start small with something easier to maintain until you get your gardening groove back. 

Pots or hanging baskets can seem much less daunting to tackle and can be a great way to add some life and color back to your garden, without the huge task of reviving flowerbeds. 

Add some pots around the patio, and some hanging baskets by the door. With these adding some visual appeal, you might feel more tempted to go for the bigger task. If you’ve enjoyed assembling these pots and baskets, this can also help you to remember that you do enjoy gardening, and want to get the whole space looking good again. 

Add Some Lights

There’s no point putting all that work in if you can’t enjoy your space. Add some lighting around the garden, so you can relax in it in the evenings and admire your handiwork from the day. 

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