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Winter is usually seen as a quiet time in the garden, with not much to do or enjoy. If you miss working in the garden when the weather is cold, there is plenty to do in the garden during the colder months. Here are some ideas to get you gardening over winter. 

  1. Appreciate evergreens. Choose a range of evergreens, like box balls and topiary, or large shrubs to add some much-needed structure to your garden all year round. Choose an evergreen, so you get some shape and color even in the depths of winter
  2. Create cover. Winter sometimes brings bright, sunny days, even if it’s cold, so you might find yourself wanting to sit outside (well-wrapped up of course) to enjoy the sun. Make this more comfortable by creating some cover in the garden to protect you from the elements. Fence panels, climbing plants, umbrellas, or Austex pergolas all work well for this. Add a patio heater to keep you cozy. 
  3. Plant bare-root plants. Winter is the best time to plant bare-root plants. A bare-root plant is one sold without any soil around the roots. It’s an economical way of planting, and you can find a much bigger variety of fruit trees and bushes. You can also find bare-root roses, hedges, and perennials
  4. Enjoy winter flowers. There are several flowers that you can enjoy in winter, such as hellebores, snowdrops, crocus, aconites, and winter iris. Some of these plants, like witch hazel and daphne have strong scents. If you need a little color in the garden, look for more seasonal plants. 
  5. Tidy up. A seasonal tidy up can help you get things ready for the busy time in spring. Spend a morning outside tidying up the shed and the greenhouse. When the greenhouse is less full, you can get a good tidy in, and ready it for spring. Sharpen your tools and check your lawnmower is in good condition, so you’re ready when spring arrives. 
  6. Attract wildlife. A lot of wildlife needs some extra help in winter, and offering them something in your garden can be very rewarding. Put out more food for birds, and plant things that still flower, so there’s something for insects too. 
  7. Enjoy the greenhouse. It may be less full than usual, but you can still work in the greenhouse in the winter. Tidy up overwintering pelargoniums, grow some citrus plants, or plant a pot of succulents. In January and February, you can start to sew seeds in a heated propagate. If temperatures really drop, you can use bubble wrap to insulate the greenhouse. 
  8. Plant winter containers. Fill a container or plant pot with evergreen plans or plants with bright berries and flowers. Position these near the house to cheer up a dull garden, and where you can enjoy them. Seeing some color and something living can brighten up, even the dullest winter day. 

There’s no reason your garden can’t bring you joy all year round. Prepare your garden for winter now while the weather is nice!

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