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Now that the sun’s out it’s time to get your garden looking beautiful. Whether you’re a keen gardener or just starting out, there are plenty of options. To help you create a gorgeous space, take on board these ideas.

1 . Go wild 

This year, garden trends are moving away from the pristine, towards a more ‘wild’ and natural look. Creating a wild garden doesn’t mean neglecting your garden, it just means letting your grass grow a little longer, and adding those sprawling plants for a beautiful effect!

To create a wild and beautiful garden you might want to try a permaculture gardening method. Permaculture gardening means allowing the sun, wind, and rain to give your garden all the love it needs. You can add plant life or seeds, but apart from this, you won’t need to do much hard labor (good news)! To help you learn more there are plenty of great books about permaculture.

2. Apps to check out

To create a beautiful garden you’ve got to have the right knowledge, luckily there are plenty of apps which can help you to learn new things. Try apps like My Vegetable Garden Planner, Moon and Garden, and Smart Plant.

These tools can help you to learn lots of topics from vegetable growing to plant identification, moon cycles, and keeping your flowers beautiful. Not sure which vegetables to plant where? These apps have all the answers! Here you’ll find lots of gardening ideas to create a wonderful space. Remember, before you start growing you’ll need to make a healthy compost pile.

3. Attract wildlife

Wildlife can enhance the beauty of your garden, from bees to butterflies, birds, or hedgehogs. To get lots of butterflies in your garden be sure to plant flowers like Echinacea, Buddleja, and Sedum. To attract birds, you’ll want to make a bird feeder and invest in a birdbath. When you add a birdbath you’ll make your garden look elegant and lovely. There are lots of different bird baths to choose from. Before you make a choice, consider your budget. To save money you might even want to make your own birdbath, as an upcycling project.

4. Add a greenhouse

Greenhouses can look great and there are lots of benefits to having a greenhouse in your garden, such as:

  • You can protect your plants from harsh weather.
  • Keep pesky pests away from your plants!
  • You’ll be able to keep growing all year round.

To learn more take a look at the most popular hybrid greenhouses. There are many different styles to choose from.

5. Colourful decor

Don’t forget to add lots of colorful decor to your garden. You’ll want to purchase garden furniture, ornaments, statues, and accessories. In 2021 the most popular color scheme is ‘green meets pink’. You might want to paint your fence in a bright shade? Or make your own garden bunting? Whatever you choose, take the chance to get creative!

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to create the garden of your dreams. Designing a beautiful garden is the chance to really enhance your living space.

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