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Being surrounded by nature has many benefits. Spending time outside immersed in nature is well-documented as a way to relieve stress levels, boost your mood, and generally enhance feelings of wellbeing. For many, the best opportunity to enjoy nature is to step outside their back door and into the garden. 

Your backyard provides the perfect opportunity to engage with nature and enjoy all the benefits of being outside in the fresh air. If this is something you enjoy, you may be keen to increase your opportunities to engage with wildlife and experience nature first-hand. Making a few changes to your backyard is a simple yet effective way to welcome more wildlife to your garden. Here are some ways to attract more wildlife into your backyard and experience the joy that watching wildlife in action brings:

Add a Pond

If you have the space for a pond, it can make an excellent addition to your backyard. Adding pond fountains to your home brings an air of tranquility and attracts an abundance of wildlife you would not usually find in your backyard. 

Creating a pond can be a bit tricky to get right, especially trying to achieve the correct chemical balances and prevent leaks. To get the best results from your pond, it is beneficial to call in the experts to construct your pond rather than trying to do it yourself. So, getting professional help creating the pond and getting all the Pond Supplies you need is a great way to make the pond of your dreams. Once your pond is established, you will not only be able to sit back and watch your new fish swimming around, but your pond should also attract wildlife such as dragonflies and frogs.

Create a Bird-Friendly Oasis

Attracting birds to your garden provides an excellent opportunity to watch wildlife from inside your home as well as when you are outdoors. Attracting birds to your garden is pretty easy, as they are always on the lookout for new food sources, especially during the harsh weather conditions in the winter. Setting up a bird feeding station is a great way to attract birds, but ensuring that you use squirrel-proof feeders is advisable to prevent less welcome visitors from scavenging for the food, such as rats. 

In addition to providing food for the birds, it is also a good idea to provide them with water. You can either attach a hanging water dish to your bird feeding station or buy a bird bath. A bird bath allows you to see the spectacular sight of birds drinking and bathing and is likely to attract frequent avian visitors.

Plant Colorful Blooms

Everyone loves seeing bees and butterflies darting from flower to flower in their gardens, and you can encourage them to spend more time in your backyard by planting colorful blooms. Planting plenty of pollinators in your backyard should help increase the number of these beautiful creatures you see in your garden while also helping to protect them from decline.

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