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Short on space? Trying to block the neighbor’s view?  Adding a trellis may be the solution you need.  From edible vegetables to beautiful flowering vines, trellises can contain plants and keep them growing well in small spaces.

Creating Privacy

A trellis is a simple way to add a visual barrier for unwanted views. Providing instant privacy, ornamental panels may not even require plants to do their job. I prefer to use premade panels with wide lattice in this situation, blocking views without much effort. You can find more on this project installing privacy panels here.

 Privacy Panel installation

Existing chain link fences can also work to your advantage. Consider a fast growing vine to weave throughout and keep a green barrier intact. Good plants for this include passionvine, sky vine and confederate jasmine. Jasmine is a popular choice for the fragrant flowers throughout the year. Here an Aristolochia, or Pipevine, covers a fence while also provide food for caterpillars.


Growing Vertically

For gardeners with limited space, a trellis can create more growing space without a larger area. Many vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, and even tomatoes, can be trained to grow up a structure.

 One of the simplest forms is called a “teepee trellis.”  I like to use 3-4 strong poles or stakes tied together with twine. I wrap the twine from the base, weaving my way to the top so that plants have something to grasp.  Vegetables will stay clean and easy to pick in this simple system.

 Image result for teepee trellis

Create Your Own

There is no limit to the materials that can be used for a trellis.  Wire fencing can be cut into sections and added to an existing fence. This simple method produces a vertical surface for plants to grow on and flowers to bloom. For plants that like to grow vigorously, this is a good way to contain their growth!

Jute twine is another inexpensive material that can be used to create temporary trellises.  In Florida it will last about a year, but it is easy to weave or tie between structures to add a climbing surface for plants. Creative types can construct intricate patterns with simple materials. Need inspiration?  Check out this older post on Creative String Trellises.

 Creative String Trellises

With the winter vegetable season upon us, now might be the time to build your own trellis. Its never too late to start your garden improvement projects in Florida!

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