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If you have trees in your garden, you might well be inclined to take extra care to ensure that it’s given the care that it needs. They’re a much more permanent addition and they can do a lot for curb appeal and the feeling of the area, so when a tree gets sick or starts diminishing, it can feel particularly sad. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can ensure that you give your tree the kind of care that it needs to prevent it from suffering from a range of problems.

Prune with care

Something of a beginner’s mistake is not giving enough care to how and when you trim it. Indeed, you need to trim those overgrown branches because not only can they be a safety hazard but they can take too many nutrients to support, eventually endangering the tree. However, rather than cutting everything away, which can cause the tree to go into shock and even die, you should make sure you work with an arborist once in a while to give them the right care.

Give it good ground

The quality of the soil around the tree is going to dictate much of its health, as is the case with any plant. If you don’t get 1.5 inches of rainfall, you should try to water each tree with around 25 gallons of water through the week. Of course, an easy way to do just that is to get a tree irrigation kit that will, over time, deliver all of the water that the tree needs. Otherwise, care must be taken to ensure that there aren’t too many weeds growing around the tree, as they can starve them of the nutrients they need.

Get products that specialize in which trees they feed

All trees have their own individual needs when it comes to how much light, water, heat, and nutrients that they need. Get to know your trees and what kind of conditions they can thrive in. Aside from making sure they’re planted in the right place, you can also look at specialist products like lemon tree fertilizer that are suited to their specific needs. The more specific you get with your care, the higher your chances of successful care for them. Read more information as well as gardening tips here.

Spot sickness early

A sick tree can be cared for. However, in order to have the best chances of recovery, you have to be able to spot tree disease in your garden as soon as possible. Fewer leaves or leaf discoloration outside the usual seasonal changes are a big tell. Bark that is starting to show cracks and fungal cankers are other signs you should get a professional out to look at it as soon as possible.

It is true that trees require a little more care to ensure that they’re able to grow strong and healthy. However, considering what they can add to your garden, it’s considered by most gardeners to be well worth it. Hopefully, the tips above help you give the kind of care your trees deserve.

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