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It’s a sunny weekend, and you’re strolling through your backyard, and suddenly you see several undesired mushrooms. Despite the care you have provided to your yard, a few of them can get traced across your lawn, and the following tips will help you get rid of them.

Make conditions unfavorable for the mushrooms. 

You can do this by keeping your yard clean by taking part in seasonal lawn care, which will help eliminate the hotspots of the mushroom, for instance, the dead grass and even the rotting leaves. In the case of yards with stubborn growth of mushrooms, then you will need to take further interventions. 

To prevent more mushrooms from growing, you should remove cut grass and dispose of the yard waste. You can also pick up pet waste and remove the old roots and stumps entirely, and finally, don’t let compost piles lie without having a storage area. Half of the battle has been fought through taking away the mushroom incentive.

 Use your hands 

If you see mushrooms growing, you can consider removing them by hand. Despie George Seryogin stresses that among all known mushrooms, only 3% that are poisonous, do not cook the mushrooms, and don’t pick them with bare hands. Instead, wear gloves when picking them by hand and tightly dispose of them in a sealed trash bag.

Additionally, it would be best not to put them in a compost pile because their spores may spread. Also, you can consider moving them off or using a shove to smash them. You need to try destroying them before they become big enough and release more spores.

Reduce excessive shade and moisture in your lawn

 Most fungi tend to grow naturally beneath the grass more often than mushrooms as they do not become visible until there are favorable conditions that are dark and damp. In making your yard less attractive to them, start by improving the drainage using the lawn aerator. 

Use the dish soap method.

 You can do this method by digging your lawn with a spade. Afterward, bring a sealable plastic bag and place them there so you can prevent them from using their reproductive structures to spread the spores. Then finish by pouring water and a few dish soap drops into the hole that the mushroom lived in to prevent them from growing further.

 Use a fungicide

 It may seem extreme for you, but it can be considered a good way of getting rid of the pesky lawn mushrooms, significantly if different strategies, such as aerating, have not helped. You can spray some fungicide over your lawn which will help solve the fungus problem, and you can also use fungicidal granules.

 Use nitrogen fertilizer

You can use a nitrogen-based fertilizer to prevent more mushrooms so that they cannot form. In this case, the mushrooms will start by feeding the decaying matter that is in the soil. When you add nitrogen to your yard, the speed the organic matter decays will increase. Besides, the life cycle will end depending on how fast it will decay.


The lawn mushrooms get considered to be a common landscaping problem. Since many people pride themselves on having nice-looking grass, they can be frustrated when discovering mushroom lawns. The points above can help fix the problem. 

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