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Have you ever gazed in envy at your neighbor’s lawn? If they have an immaculate display of color and wildlife that puts your humble garden into shame by comparison, you are probably jealous of the hard work they have obviously put into their creation. Sighing wearily, you resign yourself to the fact that they are clearly better gardeners than you, and you return indoors to make yourself a drink. If only you had what they had! Well, guess what? You can. It’s relatively easy to make a good-looking garden (so stop procrastinating), and with a little bit of work, you can make your neighbors go green with envy for a change. To get you started, take a look at the ideas below and transform your garden area into something special.

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1. Keep on top of your garden

Before we look at ways to improve your outdoor space, you are never going to have a good-looking garden if you don’t stay on top of it. From mowing your overgrown lawn to trimming back your shrubs, you can make your garden look halfway presentable if you take the time to manage it. If you’re somebody who doesn’t have the time (or the inclination) to spend a lot of time working outdoors, consider these low-maintenance garden ideas to save yourself the bother. You can still have a beautiful garden, and if you follow some of the advice in the article, you will have a garden that looks incredible in the time it takes your neighbor to put on his gardening gloves. 

2. Give your garden character

Have you mowed your lawn, trimmed back your hedges, and everything looks fine? Well, fine and boring! Every garden needs something that gives it character, those small touches that make it stand out from all the other gardens on the block. So, what can you do? For starters, add the unique feature here and there. These can be themed, so whether you want to create a zen-paradise or a fantasy wonderland, you can buy statues online, as well as wall-art, ceramics, and other types of garden ornaments that can boost your garden space. Continuing the idea of a theme, you might also purchase a pergola for that renaissance feel, or fashion your topiary into something Edward Scissorhands would be proud of. When you have given your garden it’s own look and feel; it will stand out from the generic lawns on display around your neighborhood, and give you a sense of pride as you watch your neighbor drops his garden shears in wonder.

3. Make a splash

Water features are another way to give your garden character and a sense of style. Fountains are very popular, with a wonderful aesthetic look, and are a perfect complement to anybody looking to create a relaxing nook within their garden space. Another common water feature is the garden pond. You will need to take care if you have small children (pond mesh is a must), but it can form a perfect addition to your garden. Boost the aesthetics with underwater fountain lights, and surround the pond area with flowers (in your favorite color themes), embedded rocks, lilies, lanterns and other decor that takes your fancy. To make your pond area complete, add the requisite fish, and sit back as other wildlife take refuge in your garden, from pond skaters to mayflies. Then, to truly make your neighbors envious, consider a swimming pool. You don’t necessarily need a large garden area, either, as they can be built to size, and are perfect for anybody with an eye on keeping fit, or as a way to entertain friends and family. Top it off with a water slide and your neighbors will be lining up around the block to take their turn. Paid entry is entirely optional!

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4. Build a patio

A patio is a great way to extend your living space and it can make for an attractive addition in its own right. Consider the kind of look you are going for and design your space accordingly. You might go for a modern feel, for example, with polished concrete underfoot and glass-topped tables and woven chairs for your dining and social needs. Your patio can also extend your garden space, with potted plants, hanging baskets on the walls, a vintage-style workbench for practical and aesthetic means, and a storage area to hold your tools. On the other hand, you could create your own private haven; that place where you can shut yourself off from the outside world and the prying eyes of your neighbors. With climbing plant-covered trellises or easy-grown hedges to protect your privacy you can enjoy a summer cocktail on an indulgent hammock.

5. Light up your garden

You can put a lot of work into making your garden look presentable in the daytime, but what about at night? During those warm summer nights, you want to be able to sit outside in your garden to survey the fruits of your hard work. For this reason garden lighting is a must, and it can also add another aesthetic as part of your garden design. You can purchase lighting online or at your local garden store, from lamps to hang onto your trees and walls to brightly colored solar lights that can make a useful (and attractive) addition along your garden path. If money is an issue, you can put your credit card away and create your own lighting. There are some fantastic DIY garden light ideas here, simple creations you can make yourself, from hanging basket lamps to solar lanterns. Whatever lighting you choose, arrange them according to your taste, and use them to highlight the other features that are populating your garden area.

6. Plan a garden party

A guaranteed way to make your neighbors jealous, especially if they didn’t receive an invite! Still, it is always worth extending an invitation over to them, if only to let them have a closer look at the fabulous garden you have created, and if you are also in need of their culinary skills that can make a delicious  addition to the food platter you are preparing for your social soiree. To prepare for the party, you will need garden furniture for your guests, so go for something in softer shades so as to compliment your foliage. Then consider a gazebo – it may not have been forecast rain, but you don’t want your party ruined with a sudden showery outbreak. Alternatively, when thinking about the weather, create a summer canopy, that is at once practical and a talking point if your craft skills are up to scratch. Top it all off with an array of cold drinks and tasty foods, and get some garden games going to turn your summer party into the social event of the season.

7. Get Inspired

If you’re a beginner unsure how to start on your garden transformation, taking inspiration from experts, landscapers, and garden influencers is a great way to make a difference. You can seek advice directly from services like Eden’s Garden Design, spend time browsing garden ideas on social media, or even watch garden shows that could fill you with inspiration. Remember, you can always change your garden next year, so don’t feel like your first idea needs to be your last. You have plenty of time to transform your garden however you want.

Final thoughts

By following our ideas, your garden will both look and feel wonderful. Continue looking for ideas elsewhere. You could always rob a few garden ideas from your neighbors, friends, and family, and there are plenty of resources online, from dedicated gardening sites such as ours, to Pinterest and the like. Be sure to let us know if you have any ideas you can share with our readers by leaving a comment in the space below. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your garden!


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