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I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve given a Florida vegetable garden update!  Things are growing!

You might remember that I started all of my plants from seed, all ordered from Johnny’s Seeds.

This was my garden in September:

Starting vegetables from seed


And this is today!

As you can see, it is quite full. Everything seems to be doing pretty well; the first planting of beans are finished but the second planting is full of gorgeous yellow beans.

Although this week has been really warm, our cooler weeks previous helped the ‘Autumn Star’ (F1) Kalettes® to really take off. The purple color is deepening and just yesterday I noticed what look like tiny buds along the stem. Hopefully some cooler weather will help these to mature.

 ‘Autumn Star’ (F1) Kalettes®

The lettuce mix that I had in my desk is taking off too!  I’ve been using scissors to trim off leaves from alternating sides of the row and, as you see here, they are continuing to grow vigorously.


And the tomatoes. Oh the tomatoes. Maybe the highlight of my vegetable garden?  I’ve used bamboo stakes and continue to tie the stems to them as they grow for some light support. In fact, I need to do this again!

 ‘Indigo Rose’ Tomatoes But the tomatoes are setting!  These purple beauties are ‘Indigo Rose’ Tomatoes. I haven’t had one yet, but the color is so pretty and the size in larger than my other cherry tomatoes. I admire the purple stems on these too!

 ‘Indigo Rose’ Tomatoes

‘White Cherry’  tomatoes are ready to pick. When I was picking out varieties I had in mind a bowl of mixed colors, sizes and shapes of small, delicious tomatoes. And in my haste I realized I didn’t plant any red cherry tomatoes. Ooops.

‘White Cherry’  tomatoes


My yellow pear tomatoes are dripping with lots of immature fruit. With memories of my grandma’s garden, I am really looking forward to enjoying these!


yellow pear tomatoes


And who wouldn’t want a few zinnias in their small plot?


The ‘Easter Egg’ radishes have since been harvested and another row planted. I love the colors of these.

‘Easter Egg’ Radish

And although they tend to get a little lost among the tomatoes, the ‘Corinto’ Organic (F1) Cucumber and ‘Gold Play’ Beans are delicious!  It took me some time to recognize which bean were ready to harvest, but the add gorgeous color and crunch to salads and other dishes.

‘Corinto’ Organic (F1) Cucumber and ‘Gold Play’ Beans

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