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If we’re being honest, clean and green landscaping can take just about any house to the next level. Abundant grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs—arranged nicely of course—adds a special touch to house and appeals to our inherent attraction to the natural world. Unfortunately, landscaping can be costly, especially when it involves the professionals. Does it need to be, though? Of course not! With some planning, creativity, and a little bit of work, you can transform your garden or lawn without breaking the bank. Landscaping is also especially important for people who plan on selling their home since curb appeal is a huge selling point and can lead to a high return on investment. 

Create a garden border with rocks

Depending on where you live, you probably have quite a few larger rocks laying around. Grab them from your property and align the edge of your garden with them. If you don’t have rocks or you’re looking for a cleaner look, purchase bricks or granite, which can be inexpensive depending on where you purchase them from. Some homeowners also use river rocks or gravel to contain their gardens! Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, stones and rocks will give your landscaping a fresh look! 

Decorate with potted herbs

Ceramic pots go well with just about any home, and what better to plant than something you can also consume! Most herbs, like mint, sage, and rosemary, aren’t very high maintenance and can be planted in pots outside! Additionally, they can be purchased for a low cost just about anywhere nowadays. Potted plants are great because they can be strategically placed around the home’s exterior to fill in spots that seem “empty” without adding too much clutter. 

Create a pathway

One great way to add some flare to a garden is via a pathway. There are a few “paths” (pun intended) you could take with this project. One of the more common ways is through flat stones laid out in a mosaic fashion. You can fill in the gaps between the stones with dirt, gravel, or cement! Stone isn’t the only way to construct a path; wood and gravel also work! 

Be specific with flowers

Flowers are a major part of landscaping, but arguably require the most work. Choose flowers that are native to your region since they’ll likely be less expensive and will have a better chance of flourishing! Additionally, the “best” flowers to use will depend on where in your house you’ll be planting them. Flowers near paths should be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and pollution. Additionally, the colors of the flowers you use can influence people’s first impression of your home, especially when combined with the hues of your home. Additionally, you don’t have to go all out with planting a new garden. Strategic placement of flowers, soil, mulch, rocks, and garden decor goes a long way!

Whether you’re selling your house in 2019 or just trying to spruce it up, these DIY gardening tips will go a long way without costing you a ton of money. For more gardening tips and stories, make sure to stop back regularly to Miss Smarty Plants!

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