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Is it possible that we spend too much time thinking about color schemes and designs for our gardens?  Could colorblind gardening be the next trend for gardeners?

Colorblind gardening

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the Garden Writers conference in Buffalo, New York. Have you been to Buffalo recently? It is wonderful! Garden Walk Buffalo is America’s largest garden tour and gives you the opportunity to snoop, I mean explore, private gardens across the city.

The photos on this post share one of the most memorable gardens I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. A small sign reads:

Colorblind people make the best gardeners.

Joe, the gardener here has a major color deficiency. Hope you can’t tell!

Colorblind gardening

I would say that Joe’s colorblind gardening should give us all inspiration. Pulling together the brightest, happiest plants you can find into a single space can only exude one feeling: happiness.

I loved experiencing this garden. I found myself walking around with a huge grin on my face and realized the other folks visiting might think I was a little crazy. That’s the emotion this garden makes you feel.

Colorblind gardening

Another sign reads: This garden has over 150 pots. Each is planted with annuals every year.   What?!  By the time of my visit in early August you couldn’t even see the pots under all of the foliage.

Colorblind gardening

If you decide to attend Garden Walk Buffalo, and I highly recommend you do, this garden is part of the Block Alliance of 16th Street. Colorblind gardening

Oh how nice it must be to sit out here in the evenings! Many times I’ve looked through my hundreds of photos from Buffalo and I inevitably stop to look at the images from this “colorblind garden”. Oh what fun he must have!


Colorblind gardening

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