Candling call duck eggs

Candling call duck eggs
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Candling call duck eggs is just like candling eggs of any type, except more exciting because they are call duck eggs!

I get a few questions about how to know if eggs are still good or not, especially if a duck gets off of her nest. The best way to tell is to candle the eggs by shining a bright light through them. This can be done with a special candler or even just by using the light on your cell phone.

This photo shows me using the built in candling light on my Nature Right 360 incubator. I can tell you that I definitely look at my eggs a lot more than I ever have with this because it’s right there and so darn easy to just take a little peak!

candling call duck eggs

This egg is just 5 days along. I couldn’t resist. Now if you don’t see any veins or anything at this point DO NOT THROW IT OUT. This is a very early stage and it is best to wait until 10 days to decide if any eggs haven’t been fertilized.

Have you ever seen a developing call duck egg move while candling it? It’s pretty cool. This short video shows what it looks like. Yes, it’s on TikTok 🙂

The folks at Metzer Farms have put together a great example of what you should see from day 1 through 28. You can find their excellent photos of candling call duck eggs here.

Is there anything specific you want to know on this topic? Leave me a question and I will do my best to answer.

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