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I was fortunate to spend the last week attending the American Public Garden Association (APGA) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota and getting to visit beautiful gardens with fantastic colleagues. What more can a person ask for?

The Easy Arranger While we were visiting the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (more on that to come!) we made a stop by their lovely gift shop. You don’t go to a garden with my friend Grace without visiting the gift shop! While we were there I picked up one of these Easy Arrangers and just today had my first opportunity to put it to use. If you aren’t going to Minneapolis anytime soon I did see that there are a lot of these available on Amazon too!

I couldn’t find a mason jar or vase handy so I just used one of our plain drinking glasses. I folded the edges of the Easy Arranger over glass easily and went out to our yard to cut some caladiums for this arrangement.

The Easy Arranger Maybe there is more of an art to this than I fully appreciate, but it seemed so easy!  I started on the outside with the smaller caladiums, mostly the ‘Miss Muffett’ caladiums that I like so well, and kept building toward the middle.

Caladiums in Flower Arrangements Caladiums are so easy to use in flower arrangements because you can bend the stems to get the angle that you want in the leaves so that leaves lay just right. They are easily molded to exactly how you want them. You can see here that I kind of pull at the stems, gently easing them to the desired shape.

Caladiums in Flower Arrangements Caladiums in flower arrangements will last for weeks!  I know that nobody likes to cut these beautiful leaves that you have worked so hard to grow, but it is well worth it to enjoy them indoors for such a long time.

Caladiums in Flower Arrangements The Easy Arranger worked really well for the caladium arrangements because there wasn’t the need to put lots of leaves in to hold them in place since the metal grid did that for me.

Caladiums in Flower Arrangements I added about a dozen leaves to make this arrangement. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t call this a caladium flower arrangements? You can see in the below photo that this turned out really nice. I think that the Easy Arranger made this arrangement look really full with about half as many caladium leaves needed.

Caladiums in Flower Arrangements

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