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Its time to bring your amaryllis indoors! Well, a few weeks ago was probably the time to bring your amaryllis indoors but it isn’t too late.

I’ve been letting my amaryllis grow outside all summer. This has been so easy that I have, in fact, completely forgotten about them. I’ve been so proud of myself for the restraint I’ve shown because there is a little bit of space on my plant shelves… and then I discover yet another plant which I have not brought indoors.

I planted my two amaryllis outside near the end of May. I tucked them behind some elephant ears and hibiscus and, truthfully, forgot they were there until I saw some amaryllis indoors at a garden center yesterday. I planted them directly in the soil and let them grow all summer.

This is what they look like now:

amaryllis indoors amaryllis planted in soil amaryllis

The bulbs themselves look healthy and the leaves aren’t even showing any damage from the frosts we’ve experienced.

amaryllis indoors amaryllis planted in soil amaryllis

This is the first time I’ve planted these outdoors so I didn’t really know what to expect. I found that they popped out of the soil pretty easily. The largest had a pretty sizable clump of soil on it that I was able to break away before bringing this amaryllis indoors.

amaryllis indoors amaryllis planted in soil amaryllis

I repotted both bulbs in separate containers with fresh potting soil. At this point they will go down to the basement to have some quiet time. I will stop watering them and will wait for the leaves to turn brown and desiccate before cutting them off.

amaryllis indoors amaryllis planted in soil amaryllis

The ISU Extension suggests, “place the dormant bulb in a 50 to 55 degree F location for at least 8 to 10 weeks. After the cool requirement has been met, start the growth cycle again by watering the bulb and placing it in a well-lighted, 70 to 75 degree F location.”

Since my bulbs have already experienced quite a bit of these cool temperatures outdoors I am writing a note on the calendar to pull these the week of Thanksgiving (approximately five weeks away). I am hoping this will have been enough time to trigger the flowering to come.

amaryllis indoors

I think I am in trouble. Leaving these bulbs outside and then bringing my amaryllis indoors was so easy that I am worried I will need more. Here we go…

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